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WasabiJoe is currently a 10th grader on the Parkland High School team. Previously, he was on the Springhouse Middle School team for three years including the year they got 5th in Nationals.

WasabiJoe is also a student coach for Springhouse Middle School who coaches Meteorology.

He has participated in Meteorology, Forensics, Experimental Design, Fossils, Elastic Launched Glider, Herpetology, Potions and Poisons, Food Science, Optics, and Dynamic Planet.

Pennsylvania flag.gif
WasabiJoe competes in Pennsylvania.
WasabiJoe attended Springhouse Middle School.
WasabiJoe attends Parkland High School.


5th WasabiJoe has received a 5th place medal in Elastic Launched Glider at National Tournament.


5th WasabiJoe has received a 5th place medal in Wright Stuff at National Tournament.