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Watermydoing14 Accomplishments
Number of years in Science Olympiad 4
Number of Invitational Medals 2
Number of Regional Medals 4
Number of State Medals 5
Number of National Medals 0

Watermydoing14 is a Division C student in Washington state in her senior year at Interlake High School, where she is the current President of the Science Olympiad club. The 2016 season is her fourth and final year competing in Science Olympiad. Watermydoing14 has participated in the following events: Designer Genes, Disease Detectives, Remote Sensing, Forensics, Anatomy and Physiology, Experimental Design, Mission Possible, Cell Biology, Wright Stuff, Robot Arm, Air Trajectory, and Protein Modeling.

Medals, Ribbons, and Placings

9th grade, 2013
Event Invitational Regional State
Designer Genes _ 7th 9th
Disease Detectives _ 8th _
Forensics _ _ 9th
Remote Sensing _ 9th _
Team _ 7th 9th
10th grade, 2014
Event Invitational Regional State
Anatomy and Physiology 11th 9th 4th
Experimental Design 8th 2nd 5th
Mission Possible 6th 4th 9th
Team 11th 3rd 10th
11th grade, 2015
Event Invitational Regional State
Anatomy and Physiology 2nd 4th 4th
Cell Biology 1st 1st 8th
Experimental Design _ _ 11th
Mission Possible 10th 4th 3rd
Team 1st 2nd 3rd
12th grade, 2016
Event Regional State
Air Trajectory 17th _
Anatomy and Physiology 1st 3rd
Cell Biology 4th 3rd
Experimental Design _ 10th
Protein Modeling 2nd _
Robot Arm 9th 10th
Wright Stuff _ 6th
Team 2nd 3rd

Club Leadership

In her junior year, watermydoing14 was appointed as a build officer. At the end of her junior year and going into her senior year, watermydoing14 was elected as the President of Interlake Science Olympiad by popular vote.

Science Olympiad Endeavors

Watermydoing14 helped to organize and run the Science Olympiad Day Camp started by students from Interlake High School. She also helped to start a Science Olympiad club at Big Picture School. In 2016, she volunteered at the Washington Northwest Regional at Highline College as a proctor for Bio-Process Lab in B division.

Other Activities

Watermydoing14 has participated in a variety of activities outside of Science Olympiad throughout high school. She played lacrosse from 9th-11th grade and ran varsity cross country from 11th-12th grade. She also appeared in several plays with a local community theatre and volunteered as a day camp counselor at the same theatre during the summers. In her freshman year, watermydoing14 participated in DECA. In her senior year, she has participated in Women in STEM club at Interlake as well as Politics Club. Watermydoing14's hobbies include knitting, crocheting, singing, and playing the ukulele.