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General Information
Years in SO 3
Current Team Mason HS
Grade 11th
State OH
Division C
Total medals idk
  • 2 state medals
  • 3 national medals
Social Media
Instagram @squillboi
Discord will0416#7684

will0416 is currently a junior competing for Mason High School and one of the team's four captains. He does the most random selection of events ever and is only good at 1 (maybe 2) of them. He has chosen to only track his Sounds of Music and Codebusters placements for the 2020-21 season because the others hurt his soul a little bit.


2018-19 (9th grade, Division C)

will0416 joined the Mason HS team (and he doesn't have the slightest memory as to why). At the 1st info meeting of the year, he became attached to Codebusters because the senior event leader (<3 Alan) uttered the three words Wheel of Fortune. The idiotic freshman he was, will0416 did not realize that there were literally 23 events and stuck to a steady diet of code, code, and code. He also competed (see: got carried) in Mission Possible (<3 Daniel) and, to a lesser extent, Fermi Questions and Forensics. The legendary upperclassmen of the team paved the way towards nationals, allowing will0416 to secure 2 4th place medals at Cornell.

2019-20 (10th grade, Division C)

Having matured ever so slightly, will0416 returned to Scioly his sophomore year with the burning desire not to be a useless one-trick like the last season. He picked up Experimental Design, Ping Pong Parachute, and Sounds of Music, with the occasional fling with Chem Lab when a chem master senior (<3 Sruthi) was available to carry him. Building for PPP destroyed his mental capacity and tore a hole in his soul, but at least he got a lot of easy medals for it.

2020-21 (11th grade, Division C)

will0416 got elected as 1 of 4 captains, even though he was semi-not expecting it and sweating balls during the Zoom reveal. Aside from taking Chem Lab more seriously, he did not make any big changes to his events going into junior year. For some reason, he is now better at Sounds of Music than Codebusters even though he has definitely regressed in SoM skill from the late months of his sophomore year.


Event BEARSO UT Austin UGA Boyceville Satellite SOLVI Mira Loma MIT SOAPS GGSO SOUP
Sounds of Music 4th 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 3rd 6th - -
Codebusters 12th1 3rd 4th 2nd 1st $#!+2 3rd 1st - -

1: Smh
2: Wtf