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Willpan99 was a Science Olympiad competitor that competed for Ladue High School, Missouri in 2018 - 2021 and for Ladue Middle School in Division B in 2015-2018. The contents of this page essentially act as a journal.

willpan99's SciOly Record
Years Competed 6
Event Experience 14
Total Medals + Ribbons 44
Invitational Medals 10
Regional Medals + Ribbons 19
State Medals + Ribbons 14
National Medals 1
Tests Written / Co-Written 15


Trying out for (before season)
Competed (during season)
Competed less than all times
Did not make the event
Did not compete in the event
Event is not available
Events 2016 (B) 2017 (B) 2018 (B) 2019 (C) 2020 (C) 2021 (C)
Air Trajectory
Anatomy and Physiology
Designer Genes
Disease Detectives
Fast Facts
GeoLogic Mapping
Microbe Mission
Protein Modeling
Road Scholar
Sounds of Music
Wright Stuff
Write It Do It

Event Placings

All regional competitions took place in the St. Louis Region 6 Tournament at Lindenwood University (Main Campus), St. Charles. All state competitions took place in the Missouri State Tournament at Westminster College, Fulton.

2016 - 7th grade, Division B

Events Regionals State Comp. Nationals
Air Trajectory 5th 5th 8th
Road Scholar 1st 1st 13th
The Team 1st 1st (72) 14th (431)

Somehow, the only reason I made the main team was because of my exceptional performance in Road Scholar. I took on Air Trajectory (while sacrificing many Saturdays to test the machine), which also had only one 7th grader competing. Despite our poorer performance in regionals (didn't even hit the target) and state (better, but... not close), we used many, many hours between State and Nationals to test the machine. At Nationals, this effort paid off; my only, extreme regret is that we could have medaled, but I was being so rushed and bossy that we forgot to put the ball into the machine for the last shot.

Air Trajectory Build: A bunch of PVC pipes on a wooden base, with holes drilled at the weight drop for adjustable height. A plastic soda bottle was screwed into a flexible tube connected to the end of the shooting pipe. Golf balls(?) were shot out when the horseshoe weight hit the bottle. Experimentation: Only consistency was extensively measured out and fixed; everything else somehow turned out fine.

2017 - 8th grade, Division B

Events Regionals State Comp. Nationals
Road Scholar 1st 1st 1st
Write It Do It 1st 9th 36th
Anatomy and Physiology 1st
Wright Stuff 3rd
The Team 1st 1st (65) 14th (438)

My 13th place Road Scholar at 2016's national competition had motivated me to do better; my old partner and I had managed to finish the test (as our coach had doubted that we would), but we probably should have done better without the stupid mistakes that had brought me down from my competition career in 3rd grade. Therefore (as my partner described), we went into "overdrive"; this effort paid off.

I was also happy to be competing in Anatomy and Wright Stuff for state. The other person competing for the second spot in Anatomy, however, merely had a conflict at the state competition with another event, and again ousted me out of the national competition spot. My partner for Wright Stuff also had two planes that consistently flew longer than my own plane, so he got to choose a partner for Nationals. And Write It Do It? I was happy to make the event, but I was definitely not happy that my performance was... terrible.

Wright Stuff Build: A plane that flew for 2 minutes at one point two weeks before the state competition but dwindled down to a point that it couldn't fly; I gave up.

2018 - 9th grade, Division B

Events Regionals State Comp.
Anatomy and Physiology 1st 1st
Road Scholar 1st 1st
Write It Do It 2nd 18th
Optics 2nd
The Team 1st (39) 2nd (70)

Since I was a 9th grader this year, I knew I would have a large influence on the team. So, I competed for spots in 7 events (none of them conflicted!) and got a top 5 ranking in all of them. However, my abilities were still outmatched in most of them; I continued the events I had always dedicated myself to. My performance in Anatomy and Road Scholar were good, as usual, but I completely messed up the laser shoot in Optics and lost the tiebreaker in Write It Do It. I then withdrew myself, but that extra time wasn't enough to improve my ever-deteriorating performance in WIDI. At state, we lost the (not first, but now only) spot for Nationals by one point. This was devastating to the team, but I just told myself that I wouldn't do Write It Do It for the high school ever again, and that a loss was probably inevitable; everyone gets what they want at some point in time, even if it's the enemy.

After that devastating loss for both the middle and high school teams, next year for Ladue Science Olympiad would be: the year of the grind.

Wright Stuff Build: A lesser plane restricted by the rules that flew for 1:50 but still couldn't beat other planes; it too eventually dwindled to a useless contraption after two weeks before regionals.

2019 - 10th grade, Division C

Events UChicago Regionals State Comp.
Anatomy and Physiology 1st 1st 1st
Codebusters 1st 1st 1st
Sounds of Music 5th 2nd 3rd
Write It Do It 1st 8th 1st
Protein Modeling 2nd 1st --
The Team 1st (116) 1st (41) 2nd (94)

Alas, even though I tried even more as a younger member of the high school, we still couldn't overcome the injustice of Missouri's one-bid situation. I began the year extremely unconfident in my ability to make the main high school team. However, my presence and somehow good performance (despite having competitions the day before tryouts and extreme procrastination: anybody else start studying the morning before a test?) in my numerous events landed me in a good spot, even competing in more events than I did in middle school. I also somehow joined into a four-person group for Protein Modeling due to invitational conflicts, despite having scored 20% on the event's tests in tryouts...

At least I found courage to pick up WIDI again! The performance wasn't as disappointing this time, because I just had to focus more on getting things right instead of the dang tiebreaker. Next year, though, will still be: the year of the extreme fiery eyed grind. Hopefully, I don't procrastinate and just not study Anatomy.

Sounds of Music Build: A simple glockenspiel.

2020 - 11th grade, Division C

Events (Pending) UChicago Regionals
Codebusters 6th 1st
Protein Modeling 2nd 1st
Sounds of Music 12th 3rd
Wright Stuff 13th --
Write It Do It 12th 1st
The Team 4th (168) 1st (32)

2021 - 12th grade, Division C

Events SO Practice 1 SO Practice 2 SO Practice 3 Regionals States Nationals
Codebusters 12th >11th 10th 2nd 1st 25th
Protein Modeling 9th 2nd 10th 1st 1st 23rd
Sounds of Music 2nd 1st 1st 1st 1st 30th
The Team 6th 5th 1st 1st (28) 1st (28) 22nd

Event Supervising and Tests

Year Invitational Event
2019-2020 Pseudonats (Unofficial) Codebusters B/C
Road Scholar B
Write It Do It B/C
2020-2021 Rickards Invitational Road Scholar B
BirdSO Road Scholar B
Lexington Invitational Road Scholar B
2021-2022 BirdSO (Mini + Satellite) Road Scholar B
Camas Invitational Road Scholar B
Sierra Vista Invitational Road Scholar B
Lexington Invitational Road Scholar B


Pseudonats Enigmanauts

Road Scholar:

BirdSO Invitational

  • 2021 - Expedition to the Mythical Bird: Test, Key, and Maps
  • 2022 Mini - Memories of Philip Pigeon: Test, Key, and Maps
  • 2022 Satellite - The Pigeon and the Corn Fields: Test, Key, and Maps

Camas Invitational

  • 2022 - A Snowflake's Journey: Test, Key, and Maps

Lexington Invitational

  • 2021: Test, Key, and Maps
  • 2022 - The Sandwich Chase: Test, Key, and Maps

Sierra Vista Invitational

  • 2022: Test, Key, and Maps

Rickards Invitational

Adventures of Louis and Bark:

Adventures of Francis and Carson:

Pseudonats What's Wrong With My GPS?:

Write It Do It: