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General Information
Years in SO 5
Current Team Mission San Jose High School
Grade 10th
Past Team(s) Hopkins Junior High School Mission San Jose Elementary School
State CA
Division C
Total medals 33 i think... maybe more idr
  • 23 invitational medals
  • 8 regional medals
  • 2 state medals
Social Media
Email (email)
Discord yoshi#3415

Hi! I am ayu/yoshiketchup/yoshi (any of 'em). I prefer she/her pronouns! I currently am a sophomore at Mission San Jose High School, but I competed for Hopkins Junior High School, and Mission San Jose Elementary School. I have been competing since 5th grade. I main identification events, but I also usually do Earth Science Events. Fun fact, my favorite event is Invasive Species (please come back ily.) and I have done events in every category...sadly.

Medals 2020-2021

Event BEARSO ATX Boyceville Yosemite Mira Loma Solon GGSO Regionals Mason States
Fossils 23rd 43rd 1st 17th 16th 19th 24th 6th 8th 4th
Ornithology 26th 9th - - 21st 8th 21st 1st 10th 6th
Geologic Mapping - 21st 6th 4th 2nd 8th 9th 2nd 1st 7th
Water Quality 18th - - 1st 18th 11th 38th 1st 17th 17th
WGYN - 23rd - - - - - - - -
Virtual Geocaching - - 1st - - - - - - -
Robot Tour - - 53rd x
Team 13th 14th 1st 5th 8th 4th 17th 1st 8th 4th

x due to a disqualification for unknown reasons. a true shame. i threw water quality super hard at states...