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Hi, I guess this is my talk page. Feel free to ask me any questions or anything like that on here (or you can shoot me a PM). EwwPhysics (talk) 00:32, 14 June 2020 (UTC)

Thank you so much for being helpful and polite at all times :) -sneep

since when was i mentioned on your userpage :flushed: :0000 also lizzy you tALK sO foRMaLLyYyyYyy XP i swear lizzy your gonna make the team next yeaR >__> smhhhHH anyway i wuv you leeezyyyyy <333 (also i seriously forget your irl name sometimes 0-0) -hehe XD

:P idk I feel like I can't talk informally on the forums/wiki... like it's impossible. We'll see if I make the team but I really doubt it... it's more likely that you'll make the harriton team :P. I wuv you tooo sbbbbbb <333

hehe LMAO lizzy XPPP the harriton team :flushed: i just wanna medal in DP (my one tru love) once :pleading: plus lizzy its not like theres 8 sophomores and juniors better than you...riGHtTtTtTTTt D:< there better not be XPPP plus your always studying T>T yoU kEEP iGNoriNG mE oN diSCoRd sO i figUre yOUr sTudyiNG XP - your favorite crazy girl :pleading:

You have a point there aren't really many juniors/sophomores.... again, we'll see :eyes: Also I swear you're gonna get 1st at UT in DP >:0 EwwPhysics (talk) 14:08, 22 September 2020 (UTC)

LOLLL i dont even think theyre gonna let me go to UT TTT>TTT plus even iF i wAS thaT goOD, theREs nO waY iM bETTER thaN uMAroTH XPP - your favorite harriton girl XD



Hi Liz! I hope you've had a great week! Just wanted to thank you for being super helpful on the forums, wiki and the discord servers and for being such a nice and kind-hearted person!


LOLLLLL LIZZY YOU ADDED SMEC XDDDDD quizbowl was kinda iconic :flushed: especially how good we were at chem and phys :XXX -feeshgirl