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Washington At a Glance
Total teams 161
B Champion Northshore Jr High School
C Champion Camas High School
States location Highline College (2017)
State website http://www.washingtonscienceolympiad.com/

Washington State Science Olympiad has grown more competitive over the years, with a number of new schools and teams each season. It has grown from having only three regional tournaments to having five regional tournaments. The three regions of Washington for C division are the Northwest Region (Seattle Central College and Highline College), the Eastern Region (Spokane Falls Community College), and the Southwest Region (Lower Columbia College). There is one additional region for B division, the South Central Region (Yakima Valley Community College).

In recent years, the state tournament has been held at either Clark College or Eastern Washington University (switching from Eastern Washington to Western Washington each year). However, the 2015 state tournament was held at Highline College on April 18, 2015, the first time in many years the state tournament had been held in the Northwest Region.


Past State Champions

This is a record of the past state champions and runners up, and their respective places at the national competition, if applicable. Scores at the state competition may be shown in parentheses.

Year Division B Champion B Champ Nats Place Division B Runner-up B Runner-up Nats Place Division C Champion C Champ Nats Place Division C Runner-up C Runner-up Nats Place
1986 Sehome Woodinville
1987 Shuskan Snohomish Toledo Woodinville
1988 Shuskan Alderwood Toledo Bothell
1989 Shuskan Whatcom Sehome Lakewood
1990 Shuskan Monroe Toledo Central Valley
1991 Fairhaven 42nd Alderwood N/A Toledo Inglemoor
1992 Frontier 24th Fairhaven N/A Ferris Toledo
1993 Stanwood 15th Monroe N/A Kamiakin Toledo
1994 Stanwood 32nd Frontier N/A Sehome Ferris
1995 Stanwood 16th Frontier 26th Toledo Ferris
1996 Frontier 12th Stanwood 20th Toledo Ferris
1997 Frontier 4th Stanwood N/A Stanwood 15th Sehome N/A
1998 Moses Lake 15th Stanwood 27th Moses Lake Stanwood
1999 Snoqualmie 19th Frontier N/A Stanwood 14th Prairie 36th
2000 Frontier 31st NOVA 41st Prairie 19th Stanwood 22nd
2001 Frontier #1 15th Frontier #2 N/A Prairie 18th Stanwood 30th
2002 Frontier Blue 24th NOVA 36th Prairie 4th Stanwood 16th
2003 SWAT 24th Canyon Park N/A Prairie 4th Stanwood N/A
2004 ExCEL 20th Canyon Park N/A Prairie 12th Columbia River N/A
2005 ExCEL 13th Port Susan 20th Prairie 3rd Lakeside 23rd
2006 Canyon Park 22nd ExCEL 21st Prairie 10th Inglemoor N/A
2007 ExCEL 14th Canyon Park 5th Bothell 28th Lakeside N/A
2008 ExCEL 4th Canyon Park N/A Bothell 17th Lakeside N/A
2009 ExCEL 2nd Jason Lee N/A Bothell 15th Stanwood N/A
2010 ExCEL 20th Canyon Park N/A Stanwood 22nd Bothell N/A
2011 ExCEL 21st Canyon Park N/A Camas 14th Bothell N/A
2012 ExCEL 11th Canyon Park N/A Camas 11th Union 44th
2013 Canyon Park 36th Frontier N/A Camas 13th Bothell N/A
2014 Frontier 48th Canyon Park N/A Camas 19th Bothell N/A
2015 Northshore 39th Canyon Park N/A Camas 29th Bothell N/A
2016 Northshore 38th Frontier 41st Bothell 29th Camas N/A
2017 Northshore 22nd Evergreen N/A Camas 25th Bothell N/A

Past Scores

Year Northwest Region Eastern Region Southwest Region State Tournament
2017 B Scores/C Scores
2016 SCCC - B Scores/C Scores
2015 SCCC - B Scores/C Scores; HCC - B Scores/C Scores SCC - B Scores/C Scores; YVCC - B Scores LCC - B Scores/C Scores B Scores/C Scores
2014 SCCC - B Scores/C Scores; HCC - B Scores/C Scores SFCC - B Scores/C Scores; YVCC - B Scores LCC - B Scores/C Scores B Scores/C Scores
2013 SCCC - B Scores/C Scores; HCC - B Scores/C Scores SFCC - B Scores/C Scores; YVCC - B Scores LCC - B Scores/C Scores B Scores/C Scores
2012 SCCC - B Scores/C Scores; HCC - B Scores/C Scores SFCC - B Scores/C Scores LCC - B Scores/C Scores B Scores/C Scores
2011 SCCC - B Scores/C Scores SFCC - B Scores/C Scores LCC - B Scores/C Scores B Scores/C Scores
2010 SCCC - B Scores/C Scores SFCC - B Scores/C Scores LCC - B Scores/C Scores B Scores/C Scores


Invitational Competitions

Southwest Region Invitational - Clark College (Division A)
Southwest Region Invitational - Camas High School (Division B)
Southwest Region Invitational - Camas High School (Division C)
Northwest Region Invitational - Canyon Park (Division B)
Northwest Region Invitational - Interlake High School (Division C)
Northwest Region Invitational - Aviation High School (Division C)

Regional Competitions

Eastern Region (Division B/C) - Spokane Falls Community College
Northwest Region (Division B/C) - Seattle Central College
Northwest Region (Division B/C) - Highline College
Southwest Region (Division B/C) - Lower Columbia College
South Central Region (Division B) - Yakima Valley Community College

State Competition

Eastern Washington University (2016)
Highline Community College (2015)
Eastern Washington University (2014)
Clark College (2013)
Eastern Washington University (2012)
Clark College (2011)

Trial Events

Trial events in Washington are held at Regional Tournaments at the Tournament Director's discretion, and always held at the State Tournament. Trial events are selected by the WSO Board of Directors based on coach feedback/request and/or trial events scheduled as regular events for later years on the NSO lineup.

Division B

2011 - Car of Tomorrow, Model This
2012 - Helicopter Egg Drop, Mag Lev Vehicle
2013 - Green Generation, Geologic Mapping
2014 - Geologic Mapping, Invasive Species
2015 - Electric Aircraft Cargo Challenge, Game On, Invasive Species
2016 - LEAF Challenge, Potions and Poisons

Division C

2011 - Car of Tomorrow, Materials Science
2012 - Materials Science, Mag Lev Vehicle
2013 - Green Generation, Geologic Mapping
2014 - Hydrogeology, Invasive Species
2015 - Hydrogeology, Invasive Species, Electric Aircraft Cargo Challenge
2016 - LEAF Challenge, Radio Lab


Division B

Eastern Region

Asotin Middle School
Chelan Middle School
Cheney Middle School
Colton Middle School
Colville Junior High School
Frontier Middle School
Greenacres Middle School
Jenkins Middle School
LaCrosse High School
Lakeside Middle School
Libby Center School
Lincoln Middle School
Reardan-Edwall Middle School
St. Joseph's School
Westwood Middle School

Northwest Region

Arbor Montessori School
Bear Creek School
Beaver Lake Middle School
Big Picture School
Canyon Park Junior High School
Centennial Middle School
Chimacum Middle School
Chinook Middle School
Evergreen Middle School
Kenmore Junior High School
International Community School
La Conner Middle School
Lakeside School
Meridian Middle School
Mount Baker Middle School
North Lake Middle School
Northshore Junior High School
Pacific Cascade Middle School
Port Susan Middle School
Redmond Middle School
SCG Homeschoolers
Seattle Academy of Arts & Science
Stanwood Middle School
The Bear Creek School
Timbercrest Junior High School
Tyee Middle School
University Preparatory Academy

Southwest Region

Evergreen Christian School
ExCEL Homeschoolers
Hockinson Middle School
Huntington Middle School
Jason Lee Middle School
Liberty Middle School
Maple Grove Middle School
Skyridge Middle School
Toledo Middle School
Tukes Valley Middle School
Washington Middle School

South Central Region

East Valley Central Middle School
Franklin Middle School
Highlands Middle School
St. Joseph Middle School
West Valley Junior High School
West Valley Middle School
Wilson Middle School

Division C

Northwest Region

Aviation High School
Bellevue High School
Bellingham High School
Bothell High School
Bush School
Cedarcrest High School
Centralia High School
Chimacum High School
Coupeville High School
Curtis Senior High School
Eastlake High School
Inglemoor High School
Interlake High School
International Community School
King's High School
Lakeside School
Mariner High School
Mentor Homeschoolers
Mt Vernon High School
Newport High School
Orting High School
Redmond High School
SCG Homeschoolers
Sehome High School
Shorewood High School
Skyline High School
Stanwood High School
Thomas Jefferson High School
University Preparatory Academy
Woodinville High School

Southwest Region

Battle Ground High School
Camas High School
Centralia High School
Columbia River High School
Evergreen High School
ExCEL Homeschoolers
Henrietta Lacks Health and Bioscience High School (HeLa)
Heritage High School
Ilwaco High School
Mark Morris High School
Mountain View High School
Prairie High School
RA Long High School
Seton Catholic High School
Toledo High School
Union High School
Washougal High School

Eastern Region

Central Valley High School
Chelan High School
Clarkston High School
Colton High School
Colville High School
Delta High School
Jenkins High School
Kamiakin High School
Kennewick High School
Mary Walker High School
Medical Lake High School
Moses Lake High School
Reardan-Edwall High School
Shadle Park High School
Southridge High School
Tri-Cities Prep