Wallenpaupack Area High School

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Wallenpaupack Area High School At a Glance
Member of SO since 1985
Best finish, regionals 1st
Best finish, state 2nd, 1985-1986
Best finish, nationals 23rd, 1985

Wallenpaupack Area High School, located on Lake Wallenpaupack's rugged shores of Hawley, Pennsylvania, has had a long tradition of making it to States in Science Olympiad from the Northeast region. The team even made it to Nationals one year. Though in recent memory the team has fallen short of making the cut for States. Happily, in 2008 Wallenpaupack returned to States and hopes to continue this in the years to come.


Results History

Year Venue Rank
2008 Regionals 5th
States 23th (482)
2009 Regionals 3rd
States 20th (461)
2010 Regionals 3rd (188)
States 23rd (512)
2011 Regionals 6th (229)
States 31st (594)
2012 Regionals 9th (231)
2013 Regionals 8th (219)
2014 Regionals 8th (262)
2015 Regionals 13th (292)
2016 Regionals 6th (224)
States 23rd (483)
2017 North Pocono 6th (158)
Regionals 4th (156)
States 22nd (494)
2018 North Pocono 6th (232)
Regionals 5th (161)
States 21st (473)
2019 North Pocono 9th (288)
Regionals 6th (186)
States 28th (551)