Waterville Senior High School

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Waterville Senior High School At a Glance
Member of SO since
Best finish, regionals
Best finish, state 1st, 1996-2010, 2012
Best finish, nationals 27th, 2004

Waterville Senior High School "Purple Panthers"

History- After a few state second place finishes, Waterville was the winner of the state tournament of Maine for a remarkable fifteen year run from 1996-2010.

Hall of Fame- Colin "The Assassin" And Tommy Greenspan

School info- Enrollment- 590 Sty level- "DIRT" STY

Coaching history- Coach Rose Smith has coached the Panthers during their stretch of 15 straight state titles. However, the legendary coach stepped down last year. The new coach is Jon "The magic man" Ramgren. Also known as "The Ramatron" and "Dale".

Return to Glory- The Panthers are determined to return to glory and reach nationals once again, reclaiming the state title they deserve.

Team members past and present-


Results History

Year State Nationals
1993 2nd -
1994 - -
1995 - -
1996 1st 48th
1997 1st 46th
1998 1st 38th
1999 1st 44th
2000 1st 33rd
2001 1st 38th
2002 1st 36th
2003 1st 35th
2004 1st 27th
2005 1st 47th
2006 1st 52nd
2007 1st 37th
2008 1st 44th
2009 1st 47th
2010 1st 58th
2011 3rd -
2012 1st 58th
2013 2nd -
2014 2nd -
2015 - -
2016 1st 50th
2017 2nd1 50th

1 In 2017, state champion Waynflete School opted not to travel to Nationals, and Waterville represented Maine instead.