West Michigan Aviation Academy

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West Michigan Aviation Academy
Location 5363 44th St SE
Grand Rapids, MI
State Flag of Michigan.svg Michigan
West Michigan Aviation Academy is located in Michigan
West Michigan Aviation Academy
West Michigan Aviation Academy

Coordinates: 42°53′06″N 85°32′03″W / 42.884992°N 85.534302°W / 42.884992; -85.534302

Member of SO since 2015
Results History
Best regional 3rd, 2021 & 2022
Best state 7th, 2022
Social Media
Instagram @wmaa_scio
Website Team Website

West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan was founded in 2009. Their Region 12 Science Olympiad program was founded in 2015 by Brittany O'Brien and Bob Battey, respectively, WMAA Chemistry Teacher and parent volunteer. Mr. Battey's goal was to qualify for state in 4 years. At the start of the 2017-2018 season Miss O'Brien announced her departure from the WMAA's Science Olympiad program. Mr. Battey took over as head coach. He lost his battle with cancer on Feb. 1, 2018. The team vowed to qualify for State for Mr. Battey. On March 17th they did. The Team's continued improvement is a tribute to Mr. Battey's legacy and the parent volunteers who have followed in his footsteps. WMAA medaled at State in the following events: 1st 2022 & 4th 2018 Write It Do It, 1st 2022 Forensics, 2nd 2021 & 4th 2022 Gravity Vehicle, 2nd 2021 Write It CAD It, 3rd 2022 & 8th 2021 Experimental Design, 3rd Machines, 3rd Sounds of Music, 3rd Trajectory, 5th Boomilever, 5th Dynamic Planet, 6th Designer Genes, 7th Circuit Lab, Fermi Questions, Herpetology, Ping Pong Parachute, Rocks and Minerals, Thermodynamics, 8th Codebusters, Optics, Ornithology, Wright Stuff.

Results History

Year Regional State National
2022 3rd (105)3 7th (260)4 -
2021 3rd (114) 12th (393)2 -
2020 Covid191 Covid191 Covid191
2019 5th (143) 9th (410) -
2018 8th (215) 20th (544) -
2017 11th (239) - -
2016 13th (305) - -
2015 16th (354) - -
1: Cancelled due to Covid-19 virus precautions
2: Total of 22 events (MSU ranked teams after dropping worst 3 of 22)
3: Point total of 107 was updated to 105 after review of WiDi updated from 7th to 5th place
4: Published point total of 259 changes to 260 when WiDi is included in the summation

Event Placements

2022 Event Placements
Event Regionals States
Anatomy and Physiology 5th 15th
Astronomy 3rd 13th
Bridge 6th 19th
Cell Biology 11th 31st
Chemistry Lab 5th 20th
Codebusters 1st 8th
Detector Building 6th 11th
Disease Detectives 7th 24th
Dynamic Planet 8th 5th
Environmental Chemistry 3rd 20th
Experimental Design 5th 3rd
Forensics 1st 1st
Gravity Vehicle 3rd 4th
Green Generation 9th 19th
Its About Time 3rd 9th
Ornithology 4th 8th
Ping Pong Parachute 3rd 7th
Remote Sensing 3rd 13th
Rocks and Minerals 3rd 7th
Trajectory 4th 3rd
WiFi Lab 2nd 11th
Wright Stuff 5th 8th
Write It Do It 5th1 1st
Botany2 - 3rd
Pentathlon2 6th -
Source Code2 - 5th
1: Received 7th at the award ceremony; 5th after review
2: Trial Event; does not count toward team score
2021 Event Placements
Event Regionals States
Anatomy and Physiology 10th 38th
Astronomy 7th 33rd
Boomilever 2nd 3rd1
Chemistry Lab 6th 25th
Circuit Lab 4th 21st
Codebusters 2nd 19th
Designer Genes 5th 29th
Detector Building 3rd 11th
Digital Structures 3rd 10th
Disease Detectives 9th 28th
Dynamic Planet 1st 18th
Experimental Design 6th 8th
Forensics 12th 26th
Fossils 5th 26th
Geologic Mapping 4th 13th
Gravity Vehicle 4th 2nd
Helicopters 2nd 10th
Machines 1st 3rd
Ornithology 4th 16th
Ping Pong Parachute 2nd 5th1
Protein Modeling 8th 22nd
Sounds of Music 2nd 9th
Water Quality 10th 24th
Write It CAD It 2nd 2nd
1: Trial Event; does not count toward team score
2019 Event Placements
Event Regionals States
Anatomy and Physiology 4th 27th
Astronomy 11th 15th
Boomilever 2nd 5th
Chemistry Lab 9th 28th
Circuit Lab 4th 7th
Codebusters 4th 17th
Designer Genes 7th 6th
Disease Detectives 2nd 13th
Dynamic Planet 10th 22nd
Experimental Design 2nd 12th
Fermi Questions 8th 7th
Forensics 10th 50th
Fossils 11th 33rd
Geologic Mapping 7th 37th
Herpetology 5th 7th
Mission Possible 3rd 13th
Mousetrap Vehicle 4th 18th
Protein Modeling 7th 23rd
Sounds of Music 2nd 3rd
Thermodynamics 5th 7th
Water Quality 7th 24th
Wright Stuff 4th 13th
Write It Do It 15th 23rd
Indoor Bottle Rocket1 4th -
Pentathlon1 2nd -
Source Code1 - 10th
1: Trial Event; does not count toward team score
2018 Event Placements
Event Regionals States
Anatomy and Physiology 11th 27th
Astronomy 7th 31st
Chemistry Lab 5th 9th
Disease Detectives 13th 21st
Dynamic Planet 15th 40th
Ecology 9th 25th
Experimental Design 9th 33rd
Fermi Questions 5th 12th
Forensics 7th 33rd
Game On 7th 18th
Helicopters 3rd 26th
Herpetology 7th 29th
Hovercraft 14th 22nd
Materials Science 10th 22nd
Microbe Mission 9th 41st
Mission Possible 9th 23rd
Mousetrap Vehicle 8th 18th
Optics 3rd 8th
Remote Sensing 10th 13th
Rocks and Minerals 12th 21st
Thermodynamics 10th 38th
Towers 13th 32nd
Write It Do It 15th 4th
Pentathlon1 22nd -
Source Code1 4th -
1: Trial Event; does not count toward team score
2017 Event Placements
Event Regionals States
Anatomy and Physiology 12th -
Astronomy 13th -
Chemistry Lab 8th -
Disease Detectives 12th -
Dynamic Planet 16th -
Ecology 9th -
Electric Vehicle 15th -
Experimental Design 6th -
Forensics 13th -
Game On 9th -
Helicopters 2nd -
Hovercraft 5th -
Hydrogeology 11th -
Invasive Species 11th -
Materials Science 5th -
Microbe Mission 9th -
Optics 8th -
Remote Sensing 13th -
Robot Arm 5th -
Rocks and Minerals 17th -
Towers 16th -
Wind Power 8th -
Write It Do It 16th -
Pentathlon1 5th -
Source Code1 5th -
1: Trial Event; does not count toward team score
2016 Event Placements
Event Regionals States
Air Trajectory 2nd -
Anatomy and Physiology 16th -
Astronomy 6th -
Bridge Building 10th -
Cell Biology 16th -
Chemistry Lab 13th -
Disease Detectives 13th -
Dynamic Planet 14th -
Electric Vehicle 11th -
Experimental Design 14th -
Forensics 10th -
Fossils 17th -
Game On 7th -
GeoLogic Mapping 15th -
Green Generation 16th -
Hydrogeology 17th -
Invasive Species 15th -
It's About Time 7th -
Protein Modeling 21st -
Robot Arm 21st -
Wind Power 11th -
Wright Stuff 20th -
Write It Do It 13th -
Potions and Poisons1 21st -
Roller Coaster1 21st -
1: Trial Event; does not count toward team score
2015 Event Placements
Event Regionals States
Air Trajectory 16th -
Anatomy and Physiology 19th -
Astronomy 8th -
Bridge Building 16th -
Bungee Drop 21st -
Cell Biology 19th -
Chemistry Lab 17th -
Compound Machines 21st -
Disease Detectives 15th -
Dynamic Planet 20th -
Entomology 19th -
Experimental Design 20th -
Forensics 14th -
Fossils 12th -
GeoLogic Mapping 21st -
Green Generation 17th -
It's About Time 8th -
Mission Possible 4th -
Protein Modeling 14th -
Scrambler 14th -
Tech Problem 21st -
Wright Stuff 11th -
Write It Do It 7th -
Hydrogeology1 21st -
Come Fly With Me1 21st -
1: Trial Event; does not count toward team score

Invitational Tournament Results for Season 8 - 9

Season Allendale Frankenmuth Haslett SONI2022 Northview
2023 3rd/30 - 6th/58 - 13th/52
2022 3rd/19 2nd/15 4th/43 58th/236 11th/40

The number of teams that attended the tournament follows the forward slash (/).

In 2022 WMAA students additionally competed in the Rickards and BirdSO invitationals, but WMAA did not attempt to field all events.

Invitational Tournament Results for Seasons 2 through 7

Season Allendale UofM WOSO Haslett Portage Northview Boyceville
2021 6th&17th/211 37th/74 2nd&19th/21 4th&36th/40 - 14th&51st/53 18th&47th/51
2020 8th/25 18th/60 1st/29 6th/26 11th&12th/33 - -
2019 5th&20th/28 - 2nd&21st/32 14th/34 6th&22nd/31 - -
2018 11th/28 - 13th/28 - - - -
2017 11th/28 - 25th/32 - - - -
2016 21st/27 - - - - - -

Multiple ranks represent multiple teams; the number after the forward slash (/) is the number of teams that attended the tournament.

1Allendale's 2021 tournament held an in-person, build-only tournament where WMAA finished 1st & 8th out of 10 local teams

Noteworthy Awards

Michigan Science Olympiad State Medals:

Year Event Placement Competitor Competitor Competitor
2022 Codebusters 8 Gavin V Samantha B Nathaniel C
2022 Dynamic Planet 5 Devon C Kat H -
2022 Experimental Design 3 Devon C Sophie W Kat H
2022 Forensics 1 Payton P Samantha B -
2022 Gravity Vehicle 4 Josh B Matthew K -
2022 Ornithology 8 Rachael K Koungo D -
2022 Ping Pong Parachute 7 Gavin W Samantha B -
2022 Rocks and Minerals 7 Rachael K Connor P -
2022 Trajectory 3 Josh B Matthew K -
2022 Wright Stuff 8 Josh B Matthew K -
2022 Write It Do It 1 Josh B Sophie W -
2021 Experimental Design 8 Devon C Sophie W Kat H
2021 Gravity Vehicle 2 Josh B Matthew K -
2021 Machines 3 Josh B Ivan H -
2021 Write It CAD It 2 Josh B Sophie W -
2019 Boomilever 5 Kat H Ivan H -
2019 Circuit Lab 7 Aaron J Ivan H -
2019 Designer Genes 6 Kira W Achol O -
2019 Fermi Questions 7 Jacob E Ivan H -
2019 Herpetology 7 Kira W Emma H -
2019 Sounds of Music 3 Kat H Ivan H -
2019 Thermodynamics 7 Gabe D Ivan H -
2018 Optics 8 Mirza K Ivan H -
2018 Write It Do It 4 Emily B Ben M -

mySO Awards

National Science Olympiad MY SO STEM Showdown - national rankings through 25th place. Stopped competing in Fall '22 when the National STEM Showdown became a quizlet.

Year Month Event Placement Participant
2022 March Solar Power 14 Gavin V
2021 December Rocks and Minerals 23 Rachael K
2021 February Structures 6 Josh B
2021 February Structures 14 Rachael K
2021 December Weather 12 Rachael K
2021 November Circuits 14 Ivan H

Team Lineup - Final 15

Season Final 15
2023 Bethany S, Braedon B, Cassidy Y, Connor P, Derek C, Ethan L, Ezra D, Gavin V, Gavin W'26, Joshua O, Mars B, Max E, Nathaniel C, Payton P, Rachael K
2022 Bethany S, Braedon B*, Connor P, Devon C, Gavin V, Gavin W'24, Josh B, Joshua O, Kat H, Koungo D, Matthew K, Nathaniel C, Payton P, Rachael K, Samantha B, Sophie W
2021 Bethany S, Connor P, Devon C, Gavin V, Gavin W'24*, Ivan H, JD B, Josh B, Kat H, Koungo D, Matthew K, Nathaniel C, Payton P, Rachael K, Rei N, Sophie W
2020 Achol O, Bethany S, Connor P, Devon C, Gavin V, Ivan H, Jacob K, Josh B, Kat H, Kira W, Koungo D, Matthew K, Samantha B, Sophia J, Sophie W
2019 Aaron J, Achol O, Devon C, Emma H, Gabe D, Ivan H, Jacob E, Josh B, Kat H, Kira W, Mitch H<, Nick G, Samantha B, Eric S, Sophia J, Sophie W*
2018 Aaron J, Aron B, Athena N, Ben M, Emma L, Emily B, Eric S, Ivan H, Jacob E, Kira W, Mirza K, Mitch H, Serena K, Star S, Weston P
2017 Albert M, Athena N, Eli P, Emily B, Eric S, Grace B, Ivan L, Jacob E, Jeremy H, Kira W, Matt H, Matt S, Mirza K, Serena K, Weston P
2016 Albert M, Athena N, Clay C, Eli P, Elsa H, Emily B, Grace B, Ivan L, Jacob E, Maddi W, Matt S, Mirza K, Sean T, Serena K, Weston P
2015 Albert M, Clay C, Emily B, Grace B, Ivan L, Joshua C, Kenzie D, Logan F, Matt S, Nikolai M, Rachel S, Sean T, Serena K, Vivian L, Weston P

*Alternate who competed at Regionals or State

SLT - Student Leadership Team

In addition to Team Captain there are 4 Officers: Community Liaison, Quartermaster, Secretary and Treasurer. Duties of the SLT and Officers are codified in bylaws.

  • Team Captain -- the chief point of contact for the student group; facilitates discussions among the group; chairs meetings; posts an agenda ahead of every meeting; can appoint interim officers; can appoint ad-hoc committee chairs; coordinates Sci.O. presence at July picnic, August activities fair, September kick-off meeting, Fall parent nights and May WMAA Gala.
  • Community Liaison -- in charge of 'press releases' to the WMAA newsletter; facilitates the annual T-shirt art contest; gets the winning art approved and submitted; helps coordinate Sci.O. presence at July picnic, August activities fair, September kick-off meeting, Fall Parent Nights & Gala.
  • Quartermaster -- organizes and keeps track of supplies (build event supplies & office supplies); works with secretary & treasurer; keeps the supply room organized & clean, including keeping supplies in their labeled compartments and on their labeled shelves; forwards receipts to the Treasurer.
  • Secretary -- takes minutes of meetings and posts the minutes; supports other officers; helps set the budget; helps keep track of supplies as needed.
  • Treasurer -- keeps track of receipts, organizes a ledger of income & expenses; sets a budget largely based on supplies + food/snacks (input from Quartermaster), recruitment initiatives (input from Team Captain), costs of PR & Digital Content (input from Community Liaison).
Season Team Captain Community Liaison Secretary Treasurer Quartermaster
2023 Bethany S Payton P Rachael K Gavin V Shane Rr / Ezra Da
2022 Kat H Sophie W Devon C Bethany S Rachael K
2021 Kat H Sophie W Devon C Ivan H -
2020 Kira W Kat H Achol O Ivan H Devon C
2019 Kira W Eric S Achol O Ivan H Mitch H
2018 Mirza K - - - -

rresigned aappointed

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