What Are You Trying to Tell Me

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What Are You Trying to Tell Me
Inquiry & Event
Forum Threads 2019 (OBG)
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Division B Champion Community Middle School
This event was not held recently in Division C

What Are You Trying to Tell Me was a 2019 Division B "Oldies But Goodies" Event run at the 2019 National Tournament in which students interpret and analyze data. The event was last run in 1998, in both divisions.


The event involved students interpreting and analyzing sets of data, along with representations of those data. Representations of data could include charts, graphs, data tables, spreadsheets, photos, videos, live demonstrations, or on-site experiments.

Event Format

The event consists of students answering questions related to data given in the test. Students may also have to create representations of data given in problems or analyze given data. For example, students may have to create a graphical representation of given data or find a quantitative relationship between two variables in a data set. Students are not allowed to use programmable calculators.


Scoring is as follows:

  • A specific question is worth one point
  • A completed graph is worth up to five points
  • Open-ended questions requiring a paragraph of explanation are worth up to 10 points