What the Function

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What the Function

Type Inquiry
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Division C Results
1st West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North

What the Function is a trial event based on the computer programming language, Python, that was run at the 2019 MIT Invitational. Specifically, it primarily focuses on knowledge of Python functions.

Useful Python Commands


Trial Event Rules

Fun Fact

Pikachu4919 is almost pretty much responsible for helping name this event. She cites it as a rather iconic quote from her high school calculus teacher, who was incidentally also the calculus teacher of former MIT Invitational tournament director Joshua Segaran (They went to the same high school and were even SciOly event partners on the Carmel team for a few years! Different graduating classes, though). Her reasoning to defend it: "If our high school calculus teacher was the one who said it, it's probably fine to use in front of Division C folks."