Whiting Invitational

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Whiting Invitational
General Information
LocationWhiting, Indiana
Year started2006-2007
ChampionCarmel Blue
DateDecember 4th, 2021

The Whiting Invitational is a Division C invitational hosted by Whiting High School in Whiting, Indiana. It was held on December 7th, 2019.


Year1 Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Teams
2012 New Trier HS Hinsdale Central HS Northridge HS Whiting A St. James Academy 25
2013 New Trier Winnetka A New Trier Winnetka B Hinsdale Central A Whiting A New Trier Winnetka C 26
2015 Hinsdale Central A Valparaiso HS Whiting A Carmel C Northridge A 24
2016 Hinsdale Central A (115) Carmel A (148) Lake Central A (153) Carmel B (155) Whiting A (186) 23
2017 Bloomington High School South (100) Carmel A (147) Carmel B (152) Whiting A (152) Northridge A (164) 27
2018 Lake Central Blue Whiting Green Carmel Gold BHS South Panther John Adams Red
2019 Carmel Gold (137) Carmel Blue (137) Lake Central Blue (152) Valparaiso (158) Whiting Green (170)
2020 Bloomington South Panthers (95) Carmel Blue (119) Carmel Gold (146) John Adams Blue (146) Whiting Green (164) 24
2021 Carmel Blue (70) Carmel Gold (110) Lake Central White (132) Bloomington South Panthers (142) Northridge A (143) 20

1: Note that the year denotes the season, rather than the actual year the invitational took place.