Whiting Invitational

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Whiting Invitational
Division C
Date December 1st, 2018
Year Started 2006-2007
Location Whiting, Indiana

The Whiting Invitational is a Division C invitational hosted by Whiting High School in Whiting, Indiana. It was held on December 5th, 2015.


Year1 Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Teams
2012 New Trier HS Hinsdale Central HS Northridge HS Whiting A St. James Academy 25
2013 New Trier Winnetka A New Trier Winnetka B Hinsdale Central A Whiting A New Trier Winnetka C 26
2015 Hinsdale Central A Valparaiso HS Whiting A Carmel C Northridge A 24
2016 Hinsdale Central A (115) Carmel A (148) Lake Central A (153) Carmel B (155) Whiting A (186) 23
2017 Bloomington High School South (100) Carmel A (147) Carmel B (152) Whiting A (152) Northridge A (164) 27
2018 Lake Central Blue Whiting Green Carmel Gold BHS South Panther John Adams Red
2019 Carmel Gold (137) Carmel Blue (137) Lake Central Blue (152) Valparaiso (158) Whiting Green (170)

1: Note that the year denotes the season, rather than the actual year the invitational took place.