Wilkes-Barre Academy

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Wilkes-Barre Academy At a Glance
Member of SO since
Best finish, regionals 1st, 2016
Best finish, state 18th, 2016
Best finish, nationals Never made it


Founded in 1987, Wilkes-Barre Academy is an independent, private, elementary and middle school with an advanced placement curriculum, located in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Science Olympiad

Wilkes-Barre Academy competes in the Pennsylvania Northeast region.

WBA's Science Olympiad team consists of fifteen competitors and a number of understudies (alternates). Competitor positions are typically held by seventh- and eighth-grade students.

Mrs. Dana Robasky and Mrs. O'Toole are the faculty advisors. Various adult mentors assist students each year.


Wilkes-Barre Academy has grown to be an increasingly formidable team over the years. From the inception of its Science Olympiad program until the 2005 Northeast competition, Wilkes-Barre Academy consistently found success at the regional competition and often placed in the top fifteen.

In 2005, Wilkes-Barre Academy got its first taste of medal and has emulated that level of success consistently ever since.

In 2012, led by members of the Wilkes-Barre Academy Class of '12, the school for the first time in history advanced to the state competition. Ever since 2012, Wilkes-Barre Academy's team has advanced to states.

WBA's team is strong in both Building and Testing events, especially Compute This!.

Past Results

Year Regionals States
2011 9th (206) -
2012 7th (228) 19th (457)
2013 6th (189) 29th (536)
2014 4th (151) 27th (502)
2015 5th (176) 22nd (475)
2016 1st (121) 18th (427)
2017 5th (157) 24th (511)
2018 5th (138) 24th (516)
2019 4th (149) 27th (557)