Windy Ridge Middle School

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Windy Ridge Middle School
Member of SO since 2008
Results History
Best regional 1st, 2008-2010
Best state 2nd, 2009-2010
Best nationals 41st, 2009

Windy Ridge Middle School is located in Florida. They competed from 2008-2010. The coach was Carrieann Schneider.


The year 2009 was a rough time for the team .

The team started out by placing 1st at Regionals twice, for the first two years as a team.

In the second year of competition, the Florida state tournament was too close for the judges to announce the placements immediately. There was a one point difference between first and second place. 36 hours after the competition, the judges sent out word that, in our second year, Windy Ridge had beat the reigning team, Gulf Breeze. It was palpably thought that Windy Ridge would attend Nationals in the second year of the Science Olympiad team's existence.

However, 48 hours later, the Florida Science Olympiad organizer announced a judging error. Windy Ridge actually came in second place by 22 points.

Three weeks before the National Competition, however, the President of Science Olympiad informed the Windy Ridge coach that the Oklahoma champions had declined their national tournament invitation. The National Board decided to grant Florida the remaining national tournament berth, giving Windy Ridge the privilege of attending the 2009 National Competition.

Results History

Results History
Year Regionals States Nationals
2008 1st 7th (244) -
2009 1st 2nd (161) 41st (819)
2010 1st 2nd (211) 54th (1049)