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WoodCreek Junior High School is located in Katy, Texas. This is our seventh year to compete in Science Olympiad since we just opened in 2008-09.

WoodCreek Junior High School at a glance
Member of SO since 2009
Best finish, regionals 2009, 2010- 1st
Best finish, state 2010 - 3rd
Best finish, nationals n/a

A Bit About Us

The WCJH Science Olympiad team consists of sixth, seventh and eighth graders who were tested before joining the team. The formation of Tays Junior High rezoned 31 of our 34 former members to that school and as a result, the 2016-2017 school year was a rebuilding phase.

Our Teams

Here at WoodCreek, we have two teams. For Regionals, we have 2 teams; one team consists of only newcomers and the other is made up of veterans. We take the people who placed best in Regionals from both teams and put them together to make a State Team.

Our 2008-09 Events

2008-2009 Events
Event Regional State
Anatomy N/A N/A
Amphibians and Reptiles N/A N/A
Disease Detectives N/A N/A
Dynamic Planet N/A N/A
Ecology N/A N/A
Elevated Bridge 2rd N/A
Environmental Chemistry 3rd 2nd
Experimental Design 2nd and 3rd N/A
Fossils N/A N/A
Meteorology 1st N/A
Naked Egg Drop N/A N/A
Pentathlon N/A 2nd
Road Scholar 2nd N/A
Robo-Cross N/A N/A
Science Word N/A N/A
Trajectory N/A N/A
We've got Your Number 1st and 2nd N/A
Wright Stuff 1st and 3rd N/A
Write It Do It 1st and 2nd N/A
  • Note: Some information may be missing.

Our 2009-10 Events

2009-2010 Events
Event Regional State
Anatomy N/A* 3rd
Battery Buggy N/A* 12th
Can't Judge a Powder N/A* 3rd
Compute This N/A* 2nd
Disease Detectives N/A* N/A*
Dynamic Planet 4th N/A*
Ecology 1st 7th
Elevated Bridge 3rd N/A*
Experimental Design 3rd 1st
Fossils 1st 4th
Helicoptor Duration N/A* 5th
Junkyard Challenge 1st 11th
Meteorology 1st 3rd
Ornithology 1st 10th
Pentathlon N/A* N/A*
Physical Science Lab 2nd 12th
Road Scholar 1st 5th
Science Crime Busters N/A* 8th
Science Word 3rd 10th
Shock Value N/A* 10th
Solar System N/A* 7th
Triple E N/A* 8th
Texas Wildflowers N/A* 2nd
Trajectory N/A* 1st
We've got Your Number N/A* 9th
Wright Stuff N/A* 3rd
Write It Do It 2nd 26th

N/A* = event not offered

Our 2016-17 Events

2016-17 Events
Event Regional State
Anatomy 2nd 10th
Bottle Rocket 3rd 19th
Crime Busters 5th N/A
Disease Detectives 3rd 22nd
Dynamic Planet 2nd 6th
Ecology 5th N/A
Experimental Design 2nd 13th
Fast Facts 1st 2nd
Food Science N/A N/A
Hovercraft 1st 10th
Invasive Species 2nd 21st
Meteorology 3rd 23rd
Microbe Mission 2nd 22nd
Mission Possible 2nd 12th
Optics 6th 21st
Potions And Poisons 2nd 23rd
Reach For The Stars 6th N/A
Road Scholar 4th 13th
Rocks And Minerals 4th N/A
Roller Coaster 4th 2nd
Science Word 4th 9th
Scrambler 2nd 12th
Texas Wildflowers 1st 2nd
Towers 6th 26th
We've Got Your Number 3rd 15th
Wind Power 2nd 18th
Wright Stuff 1st 8th
Write It Do It 1st 3rd

Our 2017-2018 Events

2017-18 Events
Event Regional State
Anatomy 1st 2nd
Battery Buggy 1st 3rd
Crime Busters 5th 5th
Density 3rd 10th
Disease Detectives 9th N/A
Dynamic Planet 2nd 5th
Ecology 14th 9th
Experimental Design 9th 16th
Fast Facts 2nd 1st
Herpetology 8th N/A
Hovercraft 1st 6th
Meteorology 6th 8th
Microbe Mission 1st 6th
Mystery Architecture 3rd 11th
Optics 9th 12th
Picture This 2nd 3rd
Potions & Poisons 3rd 3rd
Road Scholar 3rd 9th
Rocks & Minerals 3rd 10th
Roller Coaster 3rd 21st
Solar System 4th 12th
Thermodynamics 9th N/A
Towers 11th N/A
We've Got Your Number 8th 24th
Wright Stuff 4th 18th
Write It Do It 2nd 8th

SciOly Users

WoodCreek JH SciOly contact if you need information
Aslla Piscu also known as Avis_de-Incendia
Mrs Hurt
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