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This article is about a replacement event for that might not be run at every tournament. Please refer to instructions from your particular tournament before preparing for this event. For the event it replaces, see Write It Do It.

Write It CAD It is an event that may replace Write It Do It for some tournament formats during the 2021 and 2022 seasons. For this event, one student will describe an object and how to build it from screenshots and the other student will build the device in a computer-aided design (CAD) software.

Event Summary

During the competition, one student (the writer) will be provided with images of an object from different angles from the Event Supervisor. The writer will have 25 minutes to type (using only numerals, words, single letters, and abbreviations) a description of the object, which they will send to the Event Supervisor.

The Event Supervisor will forward to a second student this description along with a CAD file of various pieces. The second student will have 20 minutes to recreate the original object from this CAD file, which they will also submit to the Event Supervisor.


The computer-aided design (CAD) software used for this event is determined by tournament officials and must be announced at least one month in advance. While there are countless possible software that may be used, officials are recommended to select software that is free to use and compatible with various operating systems. The month notice required by the rules allow students time to familiarize themselves with the selected software. Common softwares used by tournaments include 3dc.io, TinkerCAD, OnShape, and FreeCAD.


The scoring for this event is virtually identical to that of Write It Do It. Students are scored on correct size, color, location, orientation and/or connection of each component in the overall object, with time used for the tiebreaker. As this event is expected to be run virtually, the time used for tiebreaker is the duration between when the Event Supervisor sends the builder the CAD file with description and when the Event Supervisor receives the submitted CAD file from the builder.


As this event is closely based on the event Write It Do It, the strategies on the Write It Do It event page may also be helpful for preparation.