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:Ties are broken by highest medal awarded
:Ties are broken by highest medal awarded
==Division B==
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===Division B===
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==Division C==
===Division C===
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2003 Pennsylvania State Tournament
PASO Logo.png
General Information
Juniata College is located in Pennsylvania
Juniata College
Juniata College
Host Juniata College
Total teams 70
Division B Champion Stroudsburg Junior High School
Division C Champion Harriton High School
Division B
1st Stroudsburg Junior High School 132
2nd Shady Side Academy 137
3rd Bala Cynwyd Middle School 172
Division C
1st Harriton High School 126
2nd Lower Merion High School 137
3rd Penncrest High School 159
2002 2003 2004

The 2003 Pennsylvania State Competition was held at Juniata College.

Table Notes

Regional Winners are Bolded
Ties are broken by highest medal awarded


Division B

School Number Region Place Points
Stroudsburg Junior High School B64 Northeast 1st 132
Shady Side Academy Middle School B37 Northwest 2nd 137
Bala Cynwyd Middle School B50 Southeast 3rd 172
Fleetwood Area Middle School B59 Central East 4th 219
Kane Area Middle School B36 Northwest 5th 239
Chichester Middle School B51 Southeast 6th 271
G.A. Stetson Middle School B52 Southeast 7th 307
Indiana Area Junior High School B38 Northwest 8th 339
Peirce Middle School B57 Southeast 9th 343
J.T. Lambert Intermediate School B68 Northeast 10th 346
DuBois Area Middle School B39 Northwest 11th 349
Bishop McDevitt Junior High School B49 Central 12th 369
Wyoming Area Middle School B66 Northeast 13th 374
East Hills Middle School B60 Central East 14th 388
Danville Middle School B65 Northeast 15th 398
Spring-Ford Middle School B58 Southeast 16th 403
Welsh Valley Middle School B53 Southeast 17th 418
Wilson Southern Middle School B61 Central East 18th 436
J.R. Fugett Middle School B55 Southeast 19th 438
Lemoyne Middle School B46 Central 20th 440
Finley Middle School B41 Southwest 21st 441
Peters Township Middle School B42 Southwest 22nd 445
Camp Hill Middle School B48 Central 23rd 446
Dallas Middle School B67 Northeast 24th 450
Unami Middle School B54 Southeast 25th 464
Hershey Middle School B47 Central 26th 471
Ford City Junior High School B40 Northwest 27th 475
Friends Central Middle School B56 Southeast 28th 482
G.A.R. Memorial Junior High School B70 Northeast 29th 487
Norwin Middle School B44 Southwest 30th 501
Twin Valley Middle School B62 Central East 31st 502
Orefield Middle School B63 Central East 32nd 513
Carroll Middle School B43 Southwest 33rd 534
Franklin Regional Middle School B45 Southwest 34th 547
Wyoming Valley West Middle School B69 Northeast 35th 565

Division C

School Number Region Place Points
Harriton High School C19 Southeast 1st 126
Lower Merion High School C20 Southeast 2nd 137
Penncrest High School C21 Southeast 3rd 159
Bishop McDevitt High School C13 Central 4th 171
State College Area High School C14 Central 5th 189
Kutztown Area High School C25 Central East 6th 245
Stroudsburg High School C29 Northeast 7th 279
Friends Central High School C22 Southeast 8th 306
Fleetwood Area High School C26 Central East 9th 355
Wyoming Area High School C30 Northeast 10th 390
Montour High School C6 Northwest 11th 394
Wyalusing Valley Senior High School C31 Northeast 12th 396
Greater Latrobe Senior High School C9 Southwest 13th 402
Kane Area High School C1 Northwest 14th 405
Gateway Senior High School C12 Southwest 15th 426
Franklin Regional High School C10 Southwest 16th 431
Clarion Area Senior High School C2 Northwest 17th 434
Haverford High School C23 Southeast 18th 437
West Chester East High School C24 Southeast 19th 445
Plum Senior High School C8 Southwest 20th 465
Susquehanna Township High School C15 Central 21st 469
Warren Area High School C5 Northwest 22nd 472
Wilson High School C27 Central East 23rd 482
Parkland High School C28 Central East 24th 488
Wyoming Valley West High School C34 Northeast 25th 488
DuBois Area Senior High School C3 Northwest 26th 489
Hershey High School C16 Central 27th 493
Pittston Area High School C33 Northeast 28th 500
Warwick High School C18 Central 29th 533
Bishop Hoban High School C32 Northeast 30th 541
Shippensburg Area Senior High School C17 Central 31st 566
Peters Township High School C11 Southwest 32nd 574
Hazleton Area High School C35 Northeast 33rd 592
North East High School C7 Northwest 34th 597
Franklin Area High School C4 Northwest 35th 619

Full Scores

B Scores
C Scores