2013 Pennsylvania State Tournament

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The 2013 Pennsylvania State Competition will be held at Juniata College on April 26, 2013.


Division B
Division C

Table Notes

Regional Winners are Bolded
Ties are broken by highest medal awarded

Division B

School Number Region Place Points
Wilmington Middle School B37 Northwest
North Clarion Middle School B38 Northwest
Clarion Junior High School B39 Northwest
Laurel Junior High School B40 Northwest
B41 Southwest
B42 Southwest
B43 Southwest
B44 Southwest
B45 Southwest
B46 Southwest
B47 Southwest
B48 Central
B49 Central
B50 Central
B51 Central
B52 Southeast
B53 Southeast
B54 Southeast
B55 Southeast
B56 Southeast
B57 Southeast
B58 Southeast
B59 Southeast
B60 Southeast
B61 Central East
B62 Central East
B63 Central East
B64 Central East
B65 Central East
Abington Heights Middle School B66 Northeast
J.T. Lambert Intermediate School B67 Northeast
Wyoming Area Middle School B68 Northeast
Wayne Highlands Middle School B69 Northeast
Stroudsburg Junior High School B70 Northeast
Wilkes-Barre Academy B71 Northeast
Dallas Middle School B72 Northeast

Division C

School Number Region Place Points
Wilmington High School C1 Northwest
Seneca High School C2 Northwest
Venango Catholic High School C3 Northwest
Laurel Senior High School C4 Northwest
C5 Southwest
C6 Southwest
C7 Southwest
C8 Southwest
C9 Southwest
C10 Southwest
C11 Central
C12 Central
C13 Central
C14 Central
C15 Central
C16 Central
C17 Southeast
C18 Southeast
C19 Southeast
C20 Southeast
C21 Southeast
C22 Southeast
C23 Southeast
C24 Southeast
C25 Central East
C26 Central East
C27 Central East
C28 Central East
C29 Central East
C30 Central East
Athens Area High School C31 Northeast
Wyoming Area High School C32 Northeast
North Pocono High School C33 Northeast
Stroudsburg High School C34 Northeast
East Stroudsburg High School South C35 Northeast
Dallas High School C36 Northeast

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