2013 Texas State Tournament

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The 2013 Texas State Tournament was held at Texas A&M University on May 3-4, 2013.

Table Notes

Ties are broken by most golds, then most silvers, then most bronzes.

Tournament Results

Division B

Division B Results
Team Place Points
Beckendorff Junior High School 1st 62
Riverwood Middle School 2nd 85
Cinco Ranch Junior High School 3rd 147
Kealing Junior High School 4th 163
Alamo Heights Junior High School 5th 170
Austin Area Homeschoolers 6th 200
Greenhill Middle School 7th 240
Seashore Middle Academy 8th 245
WoodCreek Junior High School 9th 245
St. Stephen's Middle School 10th 253
Sartartia Middle School 11th 260
West Briar Middle School 12th 260
Seven Lakes Junior High School 13th 286
Arnold Middle School 14th 300
School for Science and Technology Discovery 15th 306
Harmony Innovation Fort Worth 16th 323
Seabrook Intermediate School 17th 324
Lake Jackson Intermediate School 18th 342
Dailey Middle School 19th 364
Carrollton Christina Academy 20th 364
Roberson Middle School 21st 388
Hopper Middle School 22nd 393
Hardin Middle School 23rd 395
Harmony Science Academy Beaumont 24th 406
Northstar Middle School 25th 436
Oratory Athenaeum for University Preparation 26th 449
Harmony Science Academy Grand Prairie 27th 453
Harmony Science Academy Brownsville 28th 460
School of Science and Technology 29th 467
Harmony Science Academy Odessa 30th 469
Thomas Jefferson Middle School 31st

Division C

Division C Results
Team Place Points

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