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  • Upload files through this page: Special:Upload.
    • If you get an error or need another filetype allowed, PM robotman on the forum or email him at robotman@scioly.org
  • PDF is the preferred format for all tests, excluding PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets.
  • If a file is not in PDF form, specify in parentheses e.g., (DOCX), (PPT).
  • In Office 2007: Please save your files in Office 97/2000/XP/2003 formats, like .doc and .xls. This will allow more people to open the files.
  • Please put what the tests are from (location/tournament/year) either in the filename, the summary, or both.
  • Do not try to overwrite other tests or remove them from the list.
  • See the Practice Test Writing Guide on how to write and upload homemade tests to the test exchange.



Can't Judge a Powder

Chemistry Lab

Circuit Lab

Crime Busters

Designer Genes

Disease Detectives

Dynamic Planet (Glaciers)


  • Mightymouse2's 2014 Entomology Test

Experimental Design


Geologic Mapping

There are currently no tests for Geologic Mapping. Upload one now!


There are currently no tests for Heredity. Upload one now!


Materials Science

  • NY Lake Erie/Niagara Regionals 2013 Test
  • 2013 Clio Invitationals Materials Science


Metric Mastery

There are currently no tests for Metric Mastery. Upload one now!

Road Scholar

Rocks and Minerals

Shock Value

Simple Machines

Solar System

Sounds of Music

  • 2012 New York Midwestern Regional Exam
  • Southland Invitational 2010

Technical Problem Solving

Water Quality

Write It Do It