2017 North Dakota State Tournament

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The 2017 North Dakota State tournament was held on April 22nd, 2017 for Division B and Division C at North Dakota State University.

Tournament Results

North Dakota uses the old scoring system in which the highest score wins. The top team in each division qualified for the 2017 National tournament.

Division B

Division B Results
Team Region Place Points
Wachter Middle School Bismarck 1st 483
Bismarck Mandan Area Home Schoolers Bismarck 2nd 482
Horizon Middle School Bismarck 3rd 387
Ben Franklin Middle School Valley City 4th 381
Carrington Middle School Bismarck 5th 333
Erik Ramstad Middle School Minot 6th 323
Scranton High School Dickinson 7th 316
Bishop Ryan Catholic School Minot 8th 316
Velva Public School Minot 9th 306
Beulah Middle School Dickinson 10th 299
Kulm High School Valley City 11th 296
Rolla High School Bottineau 12th 268
A.L. Hagen Junior High School Dickinson 13th 265
Edgeley Public School Valley City 14th 264
Nedrose High School Minot 15th 254
Central Cass Public School Valley City 16th 247
Langdon Area Middle School Bottineau 17th 226
Killdeer High School Dickinson 18th 222
Medina Public School Bismarck 19th 222
Jim Hill Middle School Minot 20th 218
Jamestown Middle School Valley City 21st 209
Watford City High School Dickinson 22nd 191
Bottineau Junior High School Bottineau 23rd 163
TGU-Granville High School Bottineau 24th 104
Regional champion

Division C

Division C Results
Team Region Place Points
Bismarck High School Bismarck 1st 447
Century High School Dickinson 2nd 419
Davies High School Valley City 3rd 391
Fargo North High School Valley City 4th 389
Bismarck Mandan Area Home Schoolers Bismarck 5th 375
Fargo South High School Valley City 6th 347
Magic City Campus High School Minot 7th 341
Central Campus High School Minot 8th 328
Carrington High School Bismarck 9th 301
Dickinson High School Dickinson 10th 299
Nedrose High School Minot 11th 289
Scranton High School Dickinson 12th 287
South Prairie School Minot 13th 276
Legacy High School Bismarck 14th 273
Velva Public School Minot 15th 258
Langdon Area High School Bottineau 16th 254
Bowman County High School Dickinson 17th 243
Minnewaukan Public School Bottineau 18th 222
Medina Public School Bismarck 19th 222
Central Cass Public School Valley City 20th 216
Bottineau Senior High School Bottineau 21st 173
Watford City High School Dickinson 22nd 167
Hillsboro High School Valley City 23rd 167
Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood High School Bottineau 24th 145
Regional champion

Full Scores

Division B
Division C

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