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    | state       = Pennsylvania
    | lat         = 40.5008
    | long       = -78.0155
|logo=Image:PASO Logo.png
    | logo       = Image:PASO Logo.png
|Host=Juniata College
    | Host       = Juniata College
|1stBName=Springhouse Middle School
    | 1stBName   = Springhouse Middle School
    | 1stBPoints = 72
|2ndBName=Shady Side Academy
    | 2ndBName   = Shady Side Academy
    | 2ndBPoints = 98
|3rdBName=Bala Cynwyd Middle School
    | 3rdBName   = Bala Cynwyd Middle School
    | 3rdBPoints = 156
|1stCName=Harriton High School
    | 1stCName   = Harriton High School
    | 1stCPoints = 47
|2ndCName=Lower Merion High School
    | 2ndCName   = Lower Merion High School
    | 2ndCPoints = 102
|3rdCName=Bayard Rustin High School
    | 3rdCName   = Bayard Rustin High School
    | 3rdCPoints = 115
|Total teams=72
    | Total teams = 72
|ChampionB=[[Springhouse Middle School]]
    | ChampionB   = [[Springhouse Middle School]]
|ChampionC=[[Harriton High School]]
    | ChampionC   = [[Harriton High School]]
|Date=April 28, 2018
    | Date       = April 28, 2018
|Prev=[[2017 Pennsylvania State Tournament|2017]]
    | Prev       = [[2017 Pennsylvania State Tournament|2017]]
|Next=[[2019 Pennsylvania State Tournament|2019]]
    | Next       = [[2019 Pennsylvania State Tournament|2019]]
    | Year       = 2018
The [[2018]] [[Pennsylvania]] State Competition will be held at [http://pascioly.org/index.php?p=states Juniata College] on April 28, 2018.
The [[2018]] [[Pennsylvania]] State Competition will be held at [http://pascioly.org/index.php?p=states Juniata College] on April 28, 2018.

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2018 Pennsylvania State Tournament
PASO Logo.png
General Information
Juniata College is located in Pennsylvania
Juniata College
Juniata College
Host Juniata College
Total teams 72
Division B Champion Springhouse Middle School
Division C Champion Harriton High School
Date April 28, 2018
Division B
1st Springhouse Middle School 72
2nd Shady Side Academy 98
3rd Bala Cynwyd Middle School 156
Division C
1st Harriton High School 47
2nd Lower Merion High School 102
3rd Bayard Rustin High School 115
2017 2018 2019

The 2018 Pennsylvania State Competition will be held at Juniata College on April 28, 2018.

In Division B, Springhouse Middle School matched their 72-point score from the previous season to extend their title streak to four years. Shady Side Academy Middle School, despite finishing second, also scored under 100 points, making this the first season in the 21st century where two teams in Division B finished under 100 points.

Harriton High School was once again dominant in Division C, finishing with 47 points, but the big story of the tournament was Lower Merion High School, who qualified for their first national tournament since 2003. They defeated Bayard Rustin High School by 13 points, and earned 19 event medals to Rustin's 18.


Regional Winners are bolded. Ties are broken by highest medal awarded.

Division B

School Number Region Place Points
Springhouse Middle School B64 Central East 1st 72
Shady Side Academy Middle School B51 Southwest 2nd 98
Bala Cynwyd Middle School B45 Southeast 3rd 156
Strath Haven Middle School B65 Southeast 4th 205
Eagle View Middle School B39 Central 5th 214
Orefield Middle School B62 Central East 6th 237
Harlan Rowe Middle School B52 Northeast 7th 267
Garnet Valley Middle School B37 Southeast 8th 286
Stetson Middle School B50 Southeast 9th 293
Hershey Middle School B61 Central 10th 327
Abington Heights Middle School B54 Northeast 11th 331
Franklin Regional Middle School B53 Southwest 12th 332
Park Forest Middle School B63 Central 13th 371
Welsh Valley Middle School B47 Southeast 14th 375
Whitehall-Coplay Middle School B70 Central East 15th 397
Elizabethtown Area Middle School B38 Central 16th 418
Good Hope Middle School B69 Central 17th 425*
Kutztown Area Middle School B41 Central East 18th 429
Wayne Highlands Middle School B60 Northeast 19th 451
Spring Grove Area Middle School B42 Central 20th 456
Springton Lake Middle School B43 Southeast 21st 464
Dallas Middle School B68 Northeast 22nd 465
Laurel Junior High School B40 Northwest 23rd 497
Wilkes-Barre Academy B56 Northeast 24th 516
Middletown Area Middle School B57 Central 25th 534
Quaker Valley Middle School B48 Southwest 26th 537
Wattsburg Area Middle School B55 Northwest 27th 553
Norwin Middle School B44 Southwest 28th 562
Haverford Middle School B59 Southeast 29th 570
Winchester Thurston School B72 Southwest 30th 575
Wyoming Seminary Lower School B67 Northeast 31st 582
Clarion Area Junior High School B59 Northwest 32nd 625
Kane Area Middle School B66 Northwest 33rd 635
Jersey Shore Area Middle School B46 Northeast 34th 659
Leechburg Area Junior High School B71 Southwest 35th 676
Wilmington Area Middle School B49 Northwest 36th 683

Good Hope Middle School was listed as having a total score of 389 on the scoresheet, with a score of 0 in the event Thermodynamics. For the purposes of this table, an intended score of 36 is assumed, resulting in a total score of 425.

Division C

School Number Region Place Points
Harriton High School C23 Southeast 1st 47
Lower Merion High School C16 Southeast 2nd 102
Bayard Rustin High School C34 Southeast 3rd 115
Conestoga High School C30 Southeast 4th 147
Penncrest High School C22 Southeast 5th 167
Shady Side Academy High School C21 Southwest 6th 274
Perkiomen Valley High School C24 Central East 7th 292
Northwestern Lehigh High School C01 Central East 8th 301
North Pocono High School C15 Northeast 9th 313
Cumberland Valley High School C09 Central 10th 320
State College Area High School C08 Central 11th 340
Hershey High School C20 Central 12th 355
Abington Heights High School C33 Northeast 13th 365
North Penn High School C32 Southeast 14th 368
Stroudsburg High School C05 Northeast 15th 371
Garnet Valley High School C17 Southeast 16th 387
Parkland High School C29 Central East 17th 422
The Shipley School C25 Southeast 18th 431
Exeter Township Senior High School C19 Central East 19th 436
Allentown Central Catholic High School C31 Central East 20th 453
Wallenpaupack Area High School C35 Northeast 21st 473
Central York High School C26 Central 22nd 512
Cedar Cliff High School C28 Central 23rd 521
Manheim Central High School C18 Central 24th 523
Wyoming Area High School C11 Northeast 25th 535
Dallas High School C14 Northeast 26th 542
Red Land High School C13 Central 27th 545
Kutztown Area High School C12 Central East 28th 555
Quaker Valley High School C36 Southwest 29th 576
Seneca High School C27 Northwest 30th 585
Laurel Senior High School C04 Northwest 31st 586
North East High School C02 Northwest 32nd 607
Gateway Senior High School C07 Southwest 33rd 630
Norwin High School C03 Southwest 34th 635
Plum Senior High School C06 Southwest 35th 653
Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy C10 Northwest 36th 851

Full Scores

B Scores
C Scores