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This is the old test exchange, which is still maintained because the new one does not yet have a way for users to upload tests. The new test exchange can be found here.
  • Upload files through this page: Special:Upload.
    • If you get an error or need another filetype allowed, send bernard a private message.
  • Please put what the tests are from (location/tournament/year) either in the filename, the summary, or both.
  • PDF is the preferred format for all tests, excluding PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets. If a file is not in PDF form, specify in parentheses e.g., (DOCX), (PPT).
    • In Office 2007: Please save your files in Office 97/2000/XP/2003 formats, like .doc and .xls. This will allow more people to open the files.
  • Do not try to overwrite other tests or remove them from the list.
  • While we want to always provide users with the greatest breadth of public resources possible to ensure that all teams have adequate access to practice tests, we understand that there are situations in which the preference is to not have tests posted in a public area. If you are a tournament director or other authority and wish for a test to be removed, send bernard a private message with a takedown request.
  • See the Practice Test Writing Guide on how to write and upload homemade tests to the test exchange.

Full Sets

Note: This section is only for links to full test sets. For individual tests, please see the main body of the Test Exchange below.

Tournament-Released Sets

The following are full test sets that have been published openly by the tournaments themselves. As this is a noble practice we wish to encourage, please use these resources only for training. While we would ask prospective event supervisors to refrain from copying any of the tests on this exchange for use in a competitive setting, this request is especially important for these full sets.

Division B/C
2018 University of Florida Regional
2018 University of Texas-Austin Invitational and Regional (link also includes past years)
Division C only
2017 Seven Lakes Invitational (2017-18 season)
2017 University of Georgia Invitational (2017-18 season)
2018 Princeton University Invitational
2018 University of Michigan Invitational
2018 Harvard University Invitational
2018 MIT Invitational

User-Submitted Sets

The following are test sets that have been submitted by our userbase to contribute to the resource bank available to the community. Please assume that all contributions to this section have been done in good faith, with no malicious intent. If you are a director of a tournament whose tests are found here, and you wish for the link to be removed, please send a private message to the administrators or to the moderators, and they will remove the link. Please do not remove a test yourself.

2018 Season

At this point in time, we are still working on developing a way to validate permission by tournament directors before linking test sets from the current year. As such, we are not currently taking open submissions for test sets of the 2018 season. For additional questions, or if you have permission from a tournament director to publish a set, please send a private message to EastStroudsburg13.

Since the 2018 season is now over, additions of links to this section without validation from tournament directors is now allowed.

Division B
Cornell Invitational (B only)
Garnet Valley Invitational
Rustin Invitational
Little Tiger Invitational
Kenston Invitational
Liberty Invitational
Centerville Invitational (B only)
Mentor Invitational (B only)
Mira Loma Invitational (B only)
Northmont Invitational (B only)
Pembroke Hill Invitational (B only)
Solon Invitational (B only)
Division C
Columbia Invitational
Troy Invitational
Raisbeck Aviation Invitational
Science Olympiad at University of Pennsylvania
Boyceville Invitational
Brookwood Invitational
Brown Invitational
Centerville Invitational (C only)
Conestoga Invitational
Cypress Falls Invitational
Fairfax Invitational
Forsyth Central Invitational
Iolani Invitational
Northview Invitational (C only)
Johns Creek Invitational
Mira Loma Invitational (C only)
Palatine Invitational
Pembroke Hill Invitational (C only)
Polytechnic Invitational
Rice Invitational
Solon Invitational (C only)
Tiger Invitational
University of Chicago Invitational
Virginia Tech Invitational
Westlake Invitational
Whiting Invitational
Yale Invitational
Clements Invitational

Past Seasons

If you have a link to a test set from the 2017 season or earlier, you may post it here. Please note that all submitted tests are subject to takedown requests as described above. If you are a tournament director of one of the test sets found below and wish to issue a takedown request, please follow the procedure detailed above.

Blue Dragon Invitational
Rustin Invitational

Anatomy and Physiology

Respiratory, Digestive, Immune

  • 2018 Kenston Invitational (Div B)

Nervous, Sense Organs, Endocrine


Skeletal, Muscular, Integumentary


Past Years (2015 and before)

2015 - Cardiovascular, Integumentary, Immune

2014 - Integumentary, Nervous, Immune (C only)

2013 - Nervous, Digestive, Excretory (C only)

2012 - Digestive, Respiratory, Excretory (C only)

  • 2012 Conestoga Invitational (C)
  • 2012 Athens Twin Tiers Invitational (C)
  • 2012 Mission Middle School Anatomy Test (PPT/DOCX) (B)
  • 2012 Phoenix Invitational Anatomy Test (B)
  • 2012 Chia's Anatomy "Tryouts" Test (B)
  • 2012 R.C. Murphy Student Challenge (B)
  • 2012 Wright State Invitational Anatomy Test (B)

2011 - Respiratory, Muscular, Endocrine (C only)

  • 2011 Milwaukee Regionals Div. C Anatomy Test (C)
  • 2011 Coolidge Invitationals Anatomy Test (B)
  • 2011 LSW Anatomy Practice Test (C)
  • Nylhvsso's Practice Test (Respiratory only)
  • Practice Test (Digestive only)
  • Practice Test II (Digestive only)
  • Practice Test III (Digestive only)
  • Battle of Valley Forge Anatomy (C)
  • 2011 JC Booth Anatomy (B)

2010 - Muscular, Skeletal, Endocrine (C only)

2009 - Skeletal, Circulatory

2008 - Circulatory, Nervous

  • 2008 North Carolina Example Test
  • Practice Test (Nervous only)
  • Practice Test (Circulatory only)
  • 2008 Westminster Invitational (Georgia)
  • 2006 Westminster Invitational (Georgia) - Nervous, Endocrine, Urinary


Stellar Evolution and Type II Supernovae

2018, 2013

Stellar Evolution and Type Ia Supernovae

2017, 2012

Stellar Evolution and Exoplanets


Stellar Evolution and Star and Planet Formation


Stellar Evolution and Variable Stars


Past Years (2011 and before)

2011 - Active Galaxies

2009 - Variable Stars

2008 - Variable Stars










Chemistry Lab

Acid-Base/Physical Properties (2019)

Upload a test here.

Thermodynamics/Physical Properties (2018)

There are no tests for this combination of topics yet. Upload a test here.

Gas Laws/Thermodynamics (2017)

Kinetics/Gas Laws (2016)

Stoichiometry/Kinetics (2015)

Equilibrium/Stoichiometry (2014)

Periodicity/Equilibrium (2013)

Electrochemistry/Periodicity (2012)

Aqueous Solutions/Electrochemistry (2011)

Kinetics/Aqueous Solutions (2010)

  • 2010 New York Invitationals
  • 2010 East Chicago HS Invitational (written by the IN state event supervisor)

Acids and Bases/Titration Race (2009)


Topic unknown

Disease Detectives

Food Borne Illness

2018, 2017, 2012, 2011
  • 2018
  • UT Austin 2017 Regional B
  • UT Austin 2017 Invitational B
  • 2012 Virginia Regionals Div. C Test
  • 2012 Conestoga Invitational
  • 2012 Athens Twin Tiers Invitational
  • 2012 Phoenix Invitational Div. B Test
  • 2012 Wright State Invitational
  • 2012 New York Invitationals
  • 2012 R.C. Murphy Student Challenge
  • Battle of Valley Forge 2011

Population Growth

2016, 2015, 2010, 2009

Environmental Quality

2014, 2013
  • 2014 Rustin Invitational Div. B Test
  • 2013 Clio Invitationals Div. C Test


Dynamic Planet (Tectonics)


Experimental Design

Fast Facts

Fermi Questions




Materials Science


2018 topic

There are no tests for this topic yet. Upload a test here.


2013, 2014, 2017 topic
  • NY Lake Erie/Niagara Regionals 2013 Test
  • 2013 Clio Invitationals Materials Science

Meteorology (Climate)

Microbe Mission


Potions and Poisons

Remote Sensing


There are no tests for this year yet. Upload a test here.

2017 (Climate Change Processes)

Note from the author: For question 7 in part 4, the answer key indicates that the emissivity of ice is much lower than that of land/water. This is not true; clouds are the primary contributor of low emissivity.

2013 (Earth's Hydrosphere)

2012 (Earth's Hydrosphere)

2011 (Human Impact on the Environment)

2010 (Human interaction with forest biomes)

2009 (Global Warming)

2008 (Mars)

From A Distance Tests

Road Scholar

Year Unknown

Rocks and Minerals

Solar System


Keep the Heat tests (2012 and 2013)

Write It Do It