2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak

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Note: This page pertains to an ongoing incident and may change frequently

The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus beginning in January of 2020 in the United States has affected many tournaments during the 2020 season.


March 4

  • WA announces cancellation of Northwest C regional.

March 6

  • CA (S) announces State tournament cancellation after consultation with host.

March 7

  • FL indicates that as of the time of that writing the FL State tournament is planned to take place as scheduled

March 8

  • NY announces C state tournament cancellation due to host request, and B state tournament cancellation in expectation of a worsening situation. NY Mid Hudson and Mid Western B regionals are currently set to take place as scheduled, while the Lower Hudson B regional is postponed indefinitely. NY has informed the national organization that they will not be sending teams to the National Tournament.