2019 Missouri State Tournament

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The 2019 Missouri State Competition was held on April 27th at Westminister College, Fulton, MO, for both Division B and Division C.

Tournament Results

Scoring was done in alignment with the national scoring guidelines. The top team in each division qualified for the 2019 National Tournament.

Division B

School Region Place Points
Ladue Middle School 6 1st 69
Wydown Middle School 6 2nd 117
Pembroke Hill Middle School 3 3rd 139
West Middle School 5 4th 243
Oak Grove Middle School 5th 254
Central Middle School 6th 265
Gentry Middle School 7th
Greenwood Lab Middle School 8th
Chilicothe Middle School 9th
Smithton Middle School 10th
St. Paul's Episcopal Middle School 11th
Kearney Middle School 12th
Warrensburg Middle School 13th
Union Middle School 14th
Hume Middle School 15th
Immaculate Conception Middle School 16th
St. Agnes Middle School 17th
Franklin County Middle School 18th
Ozark Junior High School 19th
Sperreng Middle School 20th
East Prairie Junior High School 21st
Harrisonville Middle School 22nd
Steelville Middle School 23rd
Lafayette County Middle School 24th
Brookfield Middle School 25th
Moberly Middle School 26th
Stanberry Middle School 27th
King City Middle School 28th
Palmyra Middle School 29th
Linn County Middle School 30th
Sikeston Junior High School 31st

Division C

School Region Place Points
Pembroke Hill High School 3 1st 82
Ladue Horton Watkins High School 2nd
Clayton High School 3rd
John Burroughs School 4th
Central High School 5th
Staley High School 6th
Lindbergh High School 7th
Rock Bridge High School 8th
Hickman High School 9th
Oak Park High School 10th
Warrensburg High School 11th
Springfield Catholic High School 12th
Cuba High School 13th
Greenwood Lab High School 14th
North Kansas City High School 15th
Webb City High School 16th
Kickapoo High School T-17th
Maysville High School T-17th
Northeast Nodaway High School 19th
Hume High School 20th
Lafayette County High School 21st
Marceline High School 22nd
[[Macon High School 23rd
East Prairie High School 24th
Hale High School 25th
Kirksville High School 26th
King City High School 27th
New Madrid County Central High School 28th
Moberly High School 29th
South Harrison High School 30th
Rolla High School 31st

Full Scores

[|Division B Rankings]
[|Division C Rankings]

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