2020 New Mexico State Tournament

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The 2020 New Mexico State Tournament was held at New Mexico Tech on February 22, 2020.

Table Notes

Ties were broken by most golds, then most silvers, then most bronzes.


Division B

Division B Results
Team Place Points
Albuquerque Area Home Schoolers 1st 100
Sidney Gutierrez Middle School 2nd 142
Wilson Middle School 3rd 142
Cottonwood Valley Charter School 4th 179
Albuquerque Academy 5th 191
Cottonwood Classical Prep School 6th 196
Houston Middle School 7th 197
Cloudcroft Middle School 8th 212
Taylor Middle School 9th 252
Sarracino Middle School 10th 262
Mesa View Middle School 11th 291
Kirtland Middle School 12th 308
Lovington-Sixth Grade Academy 13th 312
La Plata Middle School 14th 331
Heights Middle School 15th 334
Picacho Middle School 16th 345
Hermosa Middle School 17th 346
Tibbitts Middle School 18th 356
Hatch Valley Middle School 19th 360
Tse Bit Ai Middle School 20th 370
Sierra Middle School 21st 408
Koogler Middle School 22nd 425
Northwest Middle School 23rd 470
Bosque School 24th 507
Ruidoso Middle School 25th 621

Division C

Division C Results
Team Place Points
Albuquerque Area Home Schoolers 1st 118
La Cueva High School 2nd 127
Albuquerque Academy 3rd 143
Socorro High School 4th 159
Lovington High School 5th 166
Cottonwood Classical Prep School 6th 189
Las Cruces High School 7th 204
Cloudcroft High School 8th 211
New Mexico Military Institute 9th 226
Centennial High School 10th 229
San Juan College High School 11th 246
Onate High School 12th 268
Silver High School 13th 295
Hobbs High School 14th 333
Hatch Valley High School 15th 344
Hot Springs High School 16th 368
Los Lunas High School 17th 374
Bosque School 18th 393
Ruidoso High School 19th 396
Hobbs Freshman High School 20th 422
V. Sue Cleveland High School 21st 442
Northwest High School 22nd 486
Farmington High School 23rd 547
Navajo Preparatory School 24th 616
Piedra Vista High School 25th 617

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