ATX Science Olympiad

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ATX Science Olympiad
Location Austin, Texas
Year Started 2013
School The University of Texas at Austin
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ATX Science Olympiad is a student-run volunteer organization in the state of Texas. They began hosting the University of Texas at Austin Regional in Spring 2014 and the University of Texas at Austin Invitational in Spring 2016. They were the first university Science Olympiad organization to release their exams immediately after their tournaments, starting in 2014.

In addition to hosting tournaments, ATX Science Olympiad also mentors/coaches local teams and recruits new teams to join Texas Science Olympiad. Outreach activities include helping local schools with recruiting students, giving talks at open houses, hosting Coaches' Clinics, and providing resources and assistance with events.

Numerous members of ATX Science Olympiad help out at tournaments across the country, including GGSO, MIT, Princeton, and even Nationals! Members of ATX Science Olympiad have also led the development of new trial events, such as Algorithm Design and Pharmacology. A long term goal of the organization is to eventually host the state tournament for Texas.


Members of ATX Science Olympiad are usually past competitors who attend the University of Texas at Austin. The majority of its members come from schools such as Seven Lakes, LASA, Clements, Tompkins, and TAMS, but in recent years, it's become much more diverse.