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|'''2015'''||6th (180)||21st (453)
|'''2015'''||6th (180)||21st (453)
|'''2016'''||4th (143)||
|'''2016'''||4th (143)||15th (400)

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Abington Heights Middle School at a glance
Member of SO since
Best finish, regionals 1st, 2013
Best finish, state 8th, 2013
Best finish, nationals Never made it
Website [1]

Abington Heights Middle School is a B team that competes in the Northeast region of Pennsylvania. They have begun to be more successful recently, making states in 2011 and then placing 9th in 2012. Their rise suggests that they may become a consistently strong team in the Northeast region.

Past Results

Year Regionals States
2011 4th 30th (540)
2012 6th (196) 9th (354)
2013 1st (82) 8th (300)
2014 2nd (131) 11th (352)
2015 6th (180) 21st (453)
2016 4th (143) 15th (400)

Comet Invitational

Abington Heights also hosted an annual B division Invitational. The last invitational was held on February 9, 2013.

Notable teams

The following notable teams have attended the Comet Invitational:

Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School
Strath Haven Middle School