Allendale Middle School

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Allendale Middle School At a Glance
Member of SO since
Best finish, regionals
Best finish, state
Best finish, nationals N/A

Allendale Middle School is a Division B school located in Michigan's Region 12 which has advanced to the state tournament many times in recent history. Allendale Middle School hosts the Division B Falcon Invitational, with Allendale High School hosting the Division C Falcon Invitational.

Results History

Year Regionals States
2001 8th
2002 7th
2003 13th
2004 6th 8th
2005 3rd
2006 6th 6th
2007 10th 24th
2008 8th 34th
2009 -
2010 -
2011 10th 40th
2012 8th
2013 9th 24th
2014 10th 24th
2015 5th 20th
2016 3rd 11th
2017 2nd 9th
2018 2nd 12th
2019 2nd 13th