Amazing Mechatronics

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Amazing Mechatronics
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Amazing Mechatronics is a Division C trial event in which competitors must use their knowledge of mechatronics to debug and program using Arduino microcontrollers. It was run as a trial event at the 2018 North Carolina State Tournament. It was run at all 2019 NC regionals, 2019 NC States and the 2019 Wisconsin State Tournament, as an official event.

The Event

The event is run in two parts. The first part takes the form of a test, and the second requires teams to complete as many projects as possible from a given list posted at the event. In the test, students are shown a diagram of a circuit or given an Arduino microcontroller that does not work as intended. Students must troubleshoot the problem and provide the solution, and the problem can be either in hardware or software. The test is limited to a list of specific topics outlined in the rules, and all projects will cover the same range of topics. Any materials required at stations will be provided at the event. Students are also allowed to bring two 8.5" x 11" double-sided handwritten note sheets.


Programming for the Arduino

Tinkercad Circuits

Digital Components




Each part of the event counts for 50% of the total score. Points are awarded for correct answers, with each question being of the same worth. Ties are broken by who completed their first circut, in the second part, first.

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