Ames High School

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Ames High School
Member of SO since 1994
Results History
Best regional N/A
Best state 1st, 1994-2016
Best nationals 16th, 2007

Ames High School is a Division C school which qualified for the 2016 National competition at the Iowa 2016 state competition. They have represented Iowa very year since 1994, which was the first year Iowa sent a team to the national finals. This marks a 23-year reign, which is the longest high school reign in the nation.

Despite their consistency at the state level, their performance at nationals has varied. Early on, the team struggled at nationals, never placing above 36th. Then, in 2002, they finished above 30th for the first time, and they did not dip below this mark for 7 more years. They showed signs of becoming a legitimate force with 17th and 16th place finishes in 2006 and 2007, respectively. However, they have not performed as well since then, dipping down to 50th in 2012.

Year States Nationals
2016 1st
2015 1st 46th
2014 1st 44th
2013 1st 42nd
2012 1st 50th
2011 1st 40th
2010 1st 36th
2009 1st 32nd
2008 1st 30th
2007 1st 16th
2006 1st 17th
2005 1st 28th
2004 1st 20th
2003 1st 23rd
2002 1st 28th
2001 1st 36th
2000 1st 40th
1999 1st 38th
1998 1st 42nd
1997 1st 40th
1996 1st 43rd
1995 1st 41st
1994 1st 43rd