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=== Full Results ===
=== Full Results ===
:[[https://scilympiad.com/bearso/Info/ResultsPdf/81680e0f-6ea1-4703-835f-456c66326f73|2020 B Rankings]]
:[https://scilympiad.com/bearso/Info/ResultsPdf/81680e0f-6ea1-4703-835f-456c66326f73| 2020 B Rankings]
:[[https://scilympiad.com/bearso/Info/ResultsPdf/907e1af2-0c19-4be6-ad87-a5b52e140bf1|2020 C Rankings]]
:[https://scilympiad.com/bearso/Info/ResultsPdf/907e1af2-0c19-4be6-ad87-a5b52e140bf1| 2020 C Rankings]
==External Links==
==External Links==

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BEARSO Invitational is a Division B and Division C online invitational in the state of California, run by the South California state director, Bearasaurus.

BEARSO Invitational
General Information
Year started2020
B teams
98 registered / no limit
C teams
203 registered / no limit
Division B ChampionKennedy Middle School
Division C ChampionTroy High School
DateOctober 10th, 2020
Social Media
Division B Results
1st Kennedy Middle School 90
2nd Winston Churchill Middle School 209
3rd Jeffrey Trail Middle School 275
Division C Results
1st Troy High School 285
2nd West Windsor Plainsborough High School North 424
3rd Mason High School 499


Division B

Year Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Teams
2021 Kennedy Middle A (90) Winston Churchill Middle Gold (209) Jeffrey Trail Middle Blue (275) Miller Middle Black (310) Solon Middle School (317) 98

Division C

Year Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Teams
2021 Troy High Red (285) West Windsor-Plainsboro High North 1 (424) Mason High Green (499) West Windsor-Plainsboro High North 2 (519) Seven Lakes High Gray (647) 203

Full Results

2020 B Rankings
2020 C Rankings

External Links