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==Scioly.org Members==
==Scioly.org Members==
:Raven [http://scioly.org/wiki/index.php/User:Raven]
:Raven (alumni)
:IHateClouds [https://scioly.org/wiki/index.php/User:IHateClouds]
:IHateClouds [https://scioly.org/wiki/index.php/User:IHateClouds]

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Bala Cynwyd Middle School
Location 510 Bryn Mawr Ave
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
State FlagOfPennsylvania.png Pennsylvania
Bala Cynwyd Middle School is located in Pennsylvania
Bala Cynwyd Middle School
Bala Cynwyd Middle School
Member of SO since 1993
Teams 2
Colors      Maroon,      Gray
Feeds to Harriton High School, Lower Merion High School
Region Southeast Pennsylvania
Results History
Best regional 1st
Best state 1st (2010)
Best nationals 4th (2002)
Nationals Awards DuPont Team Enterprise Award (2016)

Bala Cynwyd Middle School, located in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, is among the most competitive schools of Pennsylvania's Division B teams. Located in the southeastern region of Pennsylvania, it currently competes in the Rustin Invitational and Garnet Valley Invitational, in addition to Regionals and States, every year. Bala Cynwyd has advanced to Nationals five times, most recently in 2016, where they placed 17th and won the DuPont Team Enterprise Award. In 2002, Bala Cynwyd placed 4th at the National tournament, their highest rank earned at the Nationals level ever. Students can choose to enter either Harriton High School or Lower Merion High School after graduating from Bala Cynwyd - students from Bala Cynwyd usually choose to go to Lower Merion, but many members of Science Olympiad choose to go to Harriton due to their constant success at the national tournament.

The current coaches include, but are not limited to, Jason Cook, Anne Brletich, and Carolyn McKinney. Past coaches also include Dave Granger, Scott Leggett, Go Ozeni, Kim Rycyzyn, Mr. Bachman, Ms. Gelman, Mrs. Nestor, and others.


Year Solon Rustin Garnet Valley Regionals States Nationals
2001 - - - - 2nd 2nd 32nd 651
2002 - - - - 1st 121 2nd 190 4th 406
2003 - - - - 1st 147 3rd 172 - -
2004 - - - - 1st 199 7th 333 - -
2005 - - - - 1st 116 3rd 261 - -
2006 - - - - 3rd 174 3rd 206 - -
2007 - - - - 1st 103 4th - -
2008 11th - - - - 1st 117 2nd 142 11th 442
2009 11th - - - - 1st 80 3rd 177 - -
2010 7th - - - - 2nd 113 1st 137 14th 465
2011 - - 2nd 131 3rd 214 - -
2012 - - 2nd 167 3rd 212 - -
2013 13th 361 - - 3rd 166 4th 244 - -
2014 5th 316 - - 1st 112 3rd 185 - -
2015 - 11th 416 - - 1st 120 3rd 201 - -
2016 - 5th 286 - - 1st 54 2nd 103 17th 470
2017 - 11th 347 - - 2nd 104 6th 259 - -
2018 - 23rd 631 5th 219 1st 96 3rd 153 - -
2019 - 16th 530 4th 173 1st 50 3rd 108 - -
2020 - 8th 311 4th 164 1st 76 -^ - -^ -

^ State and National tournaments were not run in 2020 due to COVID-19

For any invitational, Only the best places of the two or three teams that competed are shown.

2012 Event Places
2012 Event Places
Event Regionals States
Anatomy 1st 3rd
Awesome Aquifers 3rd 5th
Bottle Rocket 6th 7th
Compute This 2nd 4th
Crime Busters 3rd 3rd
Disease Detectives 4th 17th
Dynamic Planet 6th 17th
Experimental Design 14th 10th
Food Science 5th 16th
Forestry 1st 4th
Keep the Heat 5th 3rd
Meteorology 19th 16th
Microbe Mission 4th 8th
Mission Possible 1st 1st
Mousetrap Vehicle 4th 7th
Optics 9th 9th
Reach for the Stars 22nd 5th
Road Scholar 2nd 6th
Rocks and Minerals 9th 16th
Storm the Castle 26th 7th
Towers 5th 28th
Water Quality 8th 10th
Write It Do It 8th 10th
2013 Event Places
2013 Event Places
Event Rustin Regionals States
Anatomy 13th 9th 18th
Boomilever 12th 6th 8th
Crime Busters 20th 4th 19th
Disease Detectives 5th 4th 2nd
Dynamic Planet 12th 6th 16th
Experimental Design 7th 19th 2nd
Food Science 3rd 5th 2nd
Forestry 11th 7th 5th
Helicopters 32nd 3rd 3rd
Heredity 14th 2nd 8th
Keep the Heat 4th 9th 3rd
Meteorology 16th 20th 12th
Metric Mastery 3rd 3rd 20th
Mission Possible 8th 2nd 2nd
Mousetrap Vehicle 8th 3rd 9th
Reach for the Stars 9th 6th 2nd
Road Scholar 3rd 1st 7th
Rocks & Minerals 12th 6th 18th
Rotor Egg Drop 12th 13th 16th
Shock Value 5th 22nd 10th
Sounds of Music 16th 2nd 10th
Water Quality 14th 9th 20th
Write It Do It 5th 5th 32nd
2014 Event Places
2014 Event Places
Event Rustin Regionals States
Anatomy 10th 8th N/A
Boomilever 4th 5th 28th
Can't Judge A Powder 11th 2nd 20th
Crime Busters 1st 2nd 3rd
Disease Detectives 3rd 2nd 2nd
Dynamic Planet 6th 6th 9th
Entomology 13th 3rd 1st
Experimental Design 10th 6th 5th
Helicopters 6th 4th 16th
Heredity 11th 5th 10th
Meteorology 11th 2nd 7th
Metric Mastery 3rd 2nd 1st
Road Scholar 7th 3rd 2nd
Robo-Cross 14th 1st 5th
Rocks and Minerals 5th 1st 3rd
Rotor Egg Drop 3rd 23rd 2nd
Shock Value 8th 2nd 17th
Simple Machines 2nd 3rd 2nd
Solar System 1st 9th 13th
Sounds of Music 4th 1st 6th
Water Quality 14th 1st 9th
Wheeled Vehicle 10th 3rd 5th
Write It Do It 15th 18th 19th
2015 Event Places
2015 Event Places
Event Rustin Regionals States
Air Trajectory 5th 8th 11th
Anatomy & Physiology 34th 1st 1st
Bio-Process Lab 10th 5th 12th
Bridge Building 11th 7th 17th
Bottle Rocket N/A 2nd 6th
Can't Judge A Powder 30th 2nd 10th
Crave the Wave 2nd 2nd 1st
Crime Busters 31st 15th 13th
Disease Detectives 18th 6th 13th
Dynamic Planet 7th 4th 2nd
Elastic Launched Glider 5th 3rd 19th
Entomology 7th 1st 4th
Experimental Design 21st 3rd 9th
Fossils 3rd 2nd 3rd
Green Generation 8th 5th 4th
Meteorology 7th 6th 19th
Picture This 7th 2nd 8th
Road Scholar 4th 3rd 14th
Robo-Cross 24th 16th 5th
Simple Machines 5th 1st 2nd
Solar System 23rd 8th 13th
Wheeled Vehicle 15th 1st 1st
Write It Do It 23rd 17th 14th
2016 Event Places
2016 Event Places
Event Regionals States Nationals
Air Trajectory 1st 11th 48th
Anatomy & Physiology 1st 3rd 5th
Bio-Process Lab 1st 2nd 15th
Bottle Rocket 2nd 5th 24th
Bridge Building 2nd 3rd 28th
Crave the Wave 2nd 1st 4th
Crime Busters 3rd 5th 25th
Disease Detectives 2nd 1st 1st
Dynamic Planet 2nd 7th 20th
Elastic Launched Glider 2nd 13th 35th
Experimental Design 1st 3rd 17th
Food Science 1st 7th 10th
Fossils 1st 4th 4th
Green Generation 2nd 3rd 15th
Invasive Species 1st 1st 3rd
Meteorology 1st 3rd 11th
Mission Possible 2nd 3rd 35th
Picture This 9th 7th 51st
Reach for the Stars 1st 2nd 21st
Road Scholar 1st 2nd 11th
Scrambler 2nd 2nd 22nd
Wind Power 4th 5th 23rd
Write It Do It 10th 10th 42nd
2017 Event Places
2017 Event Places
Event Rustin Regionals States
Anatomy 16th 7th 11th
Bottle Rocket 23rd 2nd 8th
Crime Busters 5th 3rd 1st
Disease Detectives 7th 3rd 9th
Dynamic Planet 24th 4th 14th
Ecology 14th 2nd 10th
Experimental Design 9th 4th 4th
Fast Facts 26th 10th 18th
Food Science 19th 4th 10th
Hovercraft 13th 16th 16th
Invasive Species 1st 1st 5th
Meteorology 2nd 1st 3rd
Microbe Mission 7th 8th 10th
Mission Possible 13th 2nd 4th
Optics 17th 1st 20th
Reach for the Stars 1st 1st 1st
Road Scholar 13th 5th 19th
Rocks and Minerals 10th 5th 5th
Scrambler 19th 2nd 26th
Towers 7th 5th 15th
Wind Power 13th 7th 9th
Wright Stuff 42nd (trialed) 7th 21st
Write It Do It 11th 4th 20th
2018 Event Places
2018 Event Places
Event Rustin Garnet Valley Regionals States
Anatomy 16th 10th 4th 9th
Battery Buggy 60th 13th 3rd 13th
Crime Busters 31st 1st 1st 1st
Disease Detectives 9th 5th 4th 1st
Dynamic Planet 8th 6th 5th 5th
Ecology 32nd 11th 13th 10th
Experimental Design 17th 5th 1st 5th
Fast Facts 13th 8th 4th 8th
Herpetology 14th 3rd 4th 3rd
Hovercraft 18th 10th 4th 7th
Meteorology 9th 5th 3rd 9th
Microbe Mission 5th 9th 1st 10th
Mystery Architecture 3rd 3rd 15th 2nd
Optics 28th 11th 1st 2nd
Potions and Poisons 5th 9th 2nd 4th
Road Scholar 26th 15th 4th 9th
Rocks and Minerals 25th 14th 6th 14th
Roller Coaster 60th 13th 3rd 8th
Solar System 4th 4th 1st 3rd
Thermodynamics 13th 17th 4th 6th
Towers 21st 8th 3rd 8th
Wright Stuff 20th 11th 2nd 7th
Write It Do It 16th 10th 8th 2nd
2019 Event Places
2019 Event Places
Event Rustin Garnet Valley Regionals States
Anatomy 9th 2nd 1st 2nd
Battery Buggy 21st 5th 1st 3rd
Boomilever 26th 14th 4th 12th
Circuit Lab 8th 17th 5th 6th
Crime Busters 12th 8th 8th 3rd
Density Lab 6th 5th 1st 5th
Disease Detectives 4th 3rd 1st 1st
Dynamic Planet 11th 7th 4th 3rd
Elastic Launched Glider 25th 3rd 3rd 8th
Experimental Design 6th 4th 1st 7th
Fossils 19th 5th 3rd 3rd
Game On 5th 4th 1st 3rd
Heredity 5th 7th 1st 5th
Herpetology 3rd 3rd 1st 2nd
Meteorology 5th 12th 1st 2nd
Mystery Architecture 6th 6th 1st 5th
Potions and Poisons 6th 2nd 3rd 1st
Road Scholar 26th 8th 2nd 3rd
Roller Coaster 15th 3rd 3rd 8th
Solar System 7th 2nd 1st 1st
Thermodynamics 27th 7th 2nd 5th
Water Quality 10th 10th 1st 6th
Write It Do It 44th 8th 1st 14th
2020 Event Places
2020 Event Places
Event Rustin Garnet Valley Regionals
Anatomy 4th 3rd 4th
Boomilever 5th 3rd 1st
Circuit Lab 14th 7th 7th
Crime Busters 14th 3rd 3rd
Density Lab 7th 5th 3rd
Disease Detectives 11th 13th 4th
Dynamic Planet 1st 2nd 1st
Elastic Launched Glider 21st 10th 4th
Experimental Design 1st 4th 1st
Food Science 39th 6th 2nd
Fossils 4th 4th 1st
Game On 18th 15th 13th
Heredity 20th 3rd 3rd
Machines 21st 3rd 1st
Meteorology 1st 1st 1st
Mission Possible 31st 22nd 1st
Mouse Trap Vehicle 29th 12th 8th
Ornithology 14th 7th 1st
Ping-Pong Parachute 5th 6th 2nd
Reach for the Stars 5th 2nd 1st
Road Scholar 22nd 9th 6th
Water Quality 9th 3rd 1st
Write It Do It 15th 3rd 7th

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