Bedford Middle School (Connecticut)

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For the B Division school in Pennsylvania, please see Bedford Middle School (Pennsylvania).

Bedford Middle School (Connecticut) at a glance
Member of SO since 2014
Best finish, regionals
Best finish, state 1st, 2015, 2018, 2019
Best finish, nationals 25th, 2018

Bedford Middle School is a B Division team which competes in Connecticut. In 2015 they qualified for the 2015 National Tournament, which was their first appearance at the national stage. In 2018 they won states to qualify for the 2018 National Tournament. This is their second time going to Nationals in four years. At the 2018 National Tournament, they became the first B division team from Connecticut to ever medal in an event by getting 6th in Mystery Architecture. They also became the first team from Connecticut (regardless of division) to ever win an event when they won Roller Coaster at the 2018 National Tournament. The official mascot of the Bedford Science Olympiad Team is Harold the Hole Puncher. Harold is taken to all competitions. His Instagram page is @bms.harold.

Results History
Year States Nationals
2015 1st 38th
2016 2nd -
2017 3rd -
2018 1st 25th
2019 1st -