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Bell Elementary School
Member of SO since 2018

Bell Elementary School is a Division B team located in Chicago, Illinois, which competes in the Chicago Public School Regional. They started a team in 2018, and pride themselves for qualifying for state in their first year.


Bell Elementary is a K-8 school in the Chicago Public Schools district in Chicago, Illinois. Bell Elementary was founded in 1917, named after the inventor Alexander Graham Bell. Bell has three departments: neighborhood, deaf, and regional gifted, with a total of approximately 1000 students. Their mascot is the Bell Blaze, and their colors are red, black, and white.

Team History


Bell first started their team in 2019, going into the Chicago Public Schools Invite and Regionals with 11 people and a few event no shows. At the Chicago Public Schools regionals, Bell placed 6th overall and barely moved on to State, where they came with a full team and medaled 6 times (their overall score at state was not that great, as almost half the events were bombs).


Bell now had two teams, a JV(5th/6th) and a Varsity(7th/8th). These teams were unstacked, as they were only based upon the grade level of the participant. Both teams competed in the UChicago Div. B invite, where they placed 24th(varsity) and 25th(JV). At the Chicago Public Schools Invite (also known as the Westinghouse Invite), Bell Varsity came in 2nd place and the JV team in 4th. Both teams were beaten by Volta, whose varsity and JV teams placed 1st and 3rd. With high hopes and expectations for regionals, the Bell teams prepared intensely for regionals, which got cancelled 4 days before the scheduled date due to COVID-19 related concerns.

Fun Facts

  • In 2019 regionals, Bell tied with Taft Academic Center when scores for JV and Varsity teams were stacked together. Bell took the final state bid because they had a better overall score when varsity scores were counted without JV scores.

"Booknerd and Scriibles are the leaders of the bell school scioly cult lmao" - Scriibles


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