Bellevue Mission Middle School

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Bellevue Mission Middle School at a glance
Member of SO since
Best finish, regionals
Best finish, state 1st (2000-2001, 2005-2017)
Best finish, nationals 20th (2007)

Bellevue Mission Middle School is a Division B school which qualified for the 2017 National competition at the Nebraska 2017 state competition.

Results History

Year States Nationals
2005 1st 39th
2006 1st 33rd
2007 1st 20th
2008 1st 31st
2009 1st 40th
2010 1st 27th
2011 1st 38th
2012 1st 28th
2013 1st 27th
2014 1st 30th
2015 1st 43rd
2016 1st 46th
2017 1st 46th
2018 1st 30th
2019 1st 50th

National Medals

Year Event Place
2000 Metric Mastery 6th
2001 Using the Web 2nd
2005 Bottle Rocket 3rd
2005 Road Scholar 5th
2006 Solar System 1st
2007 Balloon Race 4th
2008 Disease Detectives 5th
2010 Can't Judge a Powder 2nd
2010 Pentathlon 3rd
2012 Forestry 2nd
2012 Disease Detectives 4th
2013 Dynamic Planet 3rd
2013 Write It Do It 6th
2014 Water Quality 4th
2014 Experimental Design 6th