Boca Raton Community High School

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Boca Raton Community High School
Member of SO since 2009
Results History
Best regional 1st (2009-2017)
Best state 1st (2011-2017)
Best nationals 12th (2017)


Boca Raton Community High School is a Division C school which first founded their Science Olympiad team in 2009. They won their first State Science Olympiad competition in 2011 and have won every year since. Their placement at Nationals has generally increased over time Their highest placing at Nationals in their school's history was 12th at the 2017 National competition. Their school website can be found here.

Inner Workings

Coach-run with high stress on equality among members. Majority of preparation done during after-school gatherings in the coach's classroom on weekdays and at student-led gatherings at a nearby university on weekends.

Breaking Records

The school's Team 1 and Team 2 broke the Florida States Competition record, for being the first school to attain both 1st and 2nd place rankings at the 2015 States competition in the Florida Science Olympiad history. However, 3rd place Archimedean Upper Conservatory won 2nd place by default, and went to the 2015 National competition in place of Boca High's Team 2.

Boca Raton had a breakthrough performance at the 2017 Nationals placing 12th from 20th the previous year and decreasing their point total by ~100.

Results History

Year National Points State Points Regional Points
2009 - - 6th 227 1st
2010 51st 1019 2nd 234 1st 65
2011 38th 829 1st 181 1st
2012 28th 644 1st 97 1st
2013 24th 583 1st 91 1st 64
2014 21st 526 1st 85 1st
2015 19th 545 1st 124 1st 73
2016 20th 534 1st 103 1st 102
2017 12th 426 1st 126 1st 125
2018 27th 626 2nd 145 2nd 119

Invitational Results History

Year Competition Team 1 Points Team 2 Points
2015 MIT 13th 405 29th 648
2015 Cypress Falls 4th 252 N/A N/A
2016 MIT 11th 313 24th 608
2016 Cornell 3rd 158 9th 304
2017 MIT 11th 405 26th 693
2017 Golden Gate 6th 255 N/A N/A

National Tournament Medals

Year Medals
2017 Electric Vehicle (2nd), Microbe Mission (2nd), Invasive Species (5th), Forensics (6th), Hydrogeology (6th)
2016 Electric Vehicle (2nd), Protein Modeling (2nd), Wind Power (2nd), Robot Arm (3rd), Bridge Building (6th)
2015 Technical Problem Solving (3rd), Bridge Building (4th), It's About Time (4th)
2014 Water Quality (5th)
2013 Water Quality (2nd)
2012 Water Quality (1st)

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