Boston Latin School

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Boston Latin School At a Glance
Member of SO since
Best finish, regionals N/A
Best finish, state B: 2nd, 2015 C: 3rd, 2014
Best finish, nationals Never qualified

Boston Latin School is a Division B and Division C school whose performance at the Massachusetts state tournament has hovered around top 5 in recent years.

Boston Latin School (BLS) has 7th-12th graders; 7th-9th graders participate on the B-team, while 10th-12th graders participate as C-team.

Notable alumni of BLS include Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Throughout the season, in addition to the state competition, BLS's C-team participates in the MIT and Yale Invitationals, as well as a local monthly Greater Boston competition known as the West Suburban Science League (WSSL).

Results History (B)

Year States Points
2012 9th 3331
2013 7th 3471
2014 7th 5871
2015 2nd 5551
2016 12th 4161
2017 13th 3341

1:Higher scores were more desirable at this competition

Results History (C)

Year States Points
2004 -
2005 15th 1251
2006 7th 1851
2007 10th 2071
2008 12th 1521
2009 16th 338
2010 14th 362
2011 21st 438
2012 29th 565
2013 15th 387
2014 3rd 169
2015 4th 227
2016 5th 244
2017 5th 261

1:Higher scores were more desirable at this competition