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[[Boyceville High School]] is a [[C Division]] team which competes in [[Wisconsin]]. Andy Hamm is the new hot man on the scene, showing all those Marquette boys what Science Olympiad is really about--Diet Root Beer.
[[Boyceville High School]] is a [[C Division]] team which competes in [[Wisconsin]].
=== Results History ===
=== Results History ===

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Boyceville High School at a glance
Member of SO since 2000
Best finish, regionals 2nd, 2013-2018
Best finish, state 3rd, 2009-2012, 2014
Best finish, nationals N/A

Boyceville High School is a C Division team which competes in Wisconsin.

Results History

The Early Years

Year State Points
2000 38th 22
2001 31st 35
2002 34th 39
2003 30th 9
2004 29th 18
2005 35th 12
2006 42nd 25
2007 48th 18

The Beginning of Invitationals

Year State Points Wayzata Invite Boyceville Invite
2008 9th 396 12th 5th
2009 3rd 162 9th 8th
2010 3rd 136 12th 5th
2011 3rd 136 4th 3rd

The Transition Year

Year State Points Wright State Invite UW-River Falls Invite Boyceville Invite
2012 3rd 97 12th 3rd 2nd

The Start of Regional Team Scoring

Year State Points Regionals Points Wright State Invite UW-River Falls Invite Boyceville Invite
2013 4th 198 2nd 54 16th 3rd 5th
2014 3rd 151 2nd 66 24th 4th 3rd
2015 4th 181 2nd 46 19th 8th 3rd
2016 4th 163 2nd 57 18th 7th 3rd
2017 4th 188 2nd 64 23rd 7th 4th

The Expansion of Invitationals in Wisconsin

Year State Points Regionals Points Solon Invite UW-River Falls Invite Medford Invite Boyceville Invite Belleville Invite
2018 4th 147 2nd 58 19th 2nd 4th 9th 2nd
2019 4th 175 2nd 48 22nd 8th 2nd 7th 3rd
  • Team scores prior to 2008 were calculated using the small school scoring system...11 points for a first, 10 for a second, 9 for a third...4 for an 8th, and either 3 or 1 for all other placings.
  • Team scores included the national 23 events through 2003. 2004 brought in 5 WI events and team scores included only 20 total events (eight audits...these event results don't count towards team score). The 2012 state tournament scored 20 out of 25 events offered. Since then, team scores have been calculated from 23 of 28 events offered, with four or five events required in each category.

Boyceville Invitational

Boyceville has hosted a Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament since December 2007 that is open to all registered Science Olympiad teams from any state. Historically all 23 national B & C events as well as the five WSO Div C events are offered.