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Brookwood High School
Member of SO since
Results History
Best regional 1st, 2008-2017
Best state 1st, 2008-2009, 2011-2017
Best nationals 20th, 2013
Social Media
Website [1]

Brookwood High School is a Division C school which qualified for the 2016 National competition at the 2016 Georgia state tournament. They have qualified for each of the past nine national tournaments, making them the only high school to have such a streak since Parkview High School from 2002-2007. Since 2010, they have hosted the Brookwood Invitational, currently the largest Division C invitational in the Southeastern US. They usually attend the University of North Georgia-Dahlonega Regional.

Year Regionals States Nationals
2017 1st (66) 1st (98)
2016 1st 1st (76) 25th
2015 1st 1st (84) 26th
2014 1st 1st (107) 27th
2013 1st 1st (103) 20th
2012 1st 1st (126) 27th
2011 1st 1st 24th
2010 1st 2nd 30th
2009 1st 1st 30th
2008 1st 1st 25th
2007 3rd
2006 6th

National Tournament Medals

Year Medals

Brookwood also attended the Alpharetta Invitational for several years prior to its discontinuation after 2015, and has attended its successor, the Forsyth Central Invitational, since 2016. For both of these tournaments, competitors can be mixed between teams, and scores are often not matched with a particular team; hence, team awards are not given at the tournament, and are not listed here.