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:[[Art Freiler School]]
:[[Art Freiler School]]
:[[Baird Middle School]]
:[[Baird Middle School]]
:[[BASIS Independent Silicon Valley]]
:[[Bay Area Technological School]]
:[[Bay Area Technological School]]
:[[Blaker-Kinser Junior High School]]
:[[Blaker-Kinser Junior High School]]

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California (North)
General Information
Member of SO since 1985
Total teams 384
Division B Champion Kennedy Middle School
Division C Champion Mira Loma High School
State Tournament Location California State University, Stanislaus
Website http://www.norcalscienceolympiad.com/

Northern California holds a separate competition from Southern California because of distance issues. It has a large amount of membership compared to other states. There are 7 regions in Northern California, each with various number of teams per division. All regions hold both B and C competitions simultaneously.


A small bit of history but certainly not all of it.

B Division

There have been quite a few close NorCal finals competitions over the years, some decided by just a point or 2. The over 30 years of Sci Oly history in NorCal have been dominated by 2 schools, Churchill and Arden. Together, these 2 schools account for most of the NorCal 1st place finishes. Interestingly, these 2 schools are both in Sacramento, both in the San Juan School District and are located just a few miles from each other. Other schools that have won the NorCal title are Elkhorn from Lodi and Carnegie MS in Sacramento. In recent years, the number of competing teams at the NorCal tournament grew from 16 in 2008 to 18 in 2009 to 24 in 2011. Marking a change in the results, schools from the Bay Area started placing in the majority of the top 5, and a few San Francisco Bay Area schools from Fremont (Hopkins, Mission Valley) and Cupertino (Kennedy, Miller) have finished in the top 3 at NorCal finals. This can be shown as ever since the 2014 tournament, 4 of the top 5 schools have been from the San Francisco Bay Area; however, from 2005 to 2017, the Sacramento region (Arden & Winston Churchill Middle Schools) won every state competition. In 2018, Kennedy won their first state title.

C Division

Mira Loma High School has dominated the C Division in recent years but has started to feel some heat from Bay Area schools like Mountain View High School, Mission San Jose High School, Palo Alto High School and Henry Gunn High School. In 2013, Palo Alto managed to defeat Mira Loma by one point.

Past State Champions

This is a record of the past state champions and runners up, and their respective places at the national competition. Scores at the state competition shown in parentheses.

Season Division B Division C
Champion Runner-Up Third Place Champion Runner-Up Third Place
Team Nats Place Team Nats Place Team Team Nats Place Team Nats Place Team
1991 Winston Churchill Middle School (193)* 7th Camerado Springs (150)* Rio Americano High School (186)* Elk Grove (151)*
1992 Winston Churchill Middle School (169)* 8th Our Lady of Assumption (133)* Rio Americano High School (163)* 12th Mira Loma High School (162)*
1993 Winston Churchill Middle School (103)* 4th Somerset (74)* Rio Americano High School (111)* 28th Mira Loma High School (100)*
1994 Winston Churchill Middle School (163)* 5th Computech Mira Loma High School (136)* 24th Rio Americano High School (128)*
1995 Winston Churchill Middle School 8th Rio Americano High School 14th
1996 Andrew Carnegie Middle School (170)* 35th Downey High School (169.5)* 14th Davis High School (161.5)*
1997 Henderson School 28th Mira Loma High School (157)* 21st Grace Davis HS (142.5)*
1998 Henderson School 6th Grace Davis High School (166)* 19th Mira Loma High School (161)*
1999 Elkhorn Middle School 6th Mira Loma High School (166)* 25th Rio Americano High School (165)*
2000 Andrew Carnegie Middle School 26th Tokay High School 20th
2001 Elkhorn Middle School 24th Tokay High School (166)* 15th Rio Americano High School (160)*
2002 Arden Middle School 19th Tokay High School (190)* 17th Rio Americano High School (186)*
2003 Arden Middle School 11th Mira Loma High School 13th
2004 Elkhorn Middle School 27th Tokay High School 32nd
2005 Arden Middle School 23rd Mira Loma High School (206)* 19th Rio Americano High School (174)*
2006 Arden Middle School 4th Elkhorn Middle School Mira Loma High School (208)* 6th Rio Americano High School (171)*
2007 Arden Middle School 8th Winston Churchill Middle School Mira Loma High School 12th Mission San Jose High School
2008 Arden Middle School 7th Winston Churchill Middle School Mira Loma High School (174)* 21st Palo Alto High School (161)*
2009 Arden Middle School 4th Winston Churchill Middle School Mira Loma High School (202)* 10th Bella Vista High School (172)*
2010 Arden Middle School 2nd Winston Churchill Middle School Mira Loma High School (200)* 9th Franklin High School (151)*
2011 Winston Churchill Middle School 8th Arden Middle School Mira Loma High School (101) 10th Palo Alto High School (166)
2012 Winston Churchill Middle School (80) 4th Elkhorn Middle School (103) Mira Loma High School (57) 10th Palo Alto High School (98)
2013 Winston Churchill Middle School (78) 5th Kennedy Middle School (138) Palo Alto High School (93) 16th Mira Loma High School (94)
2014 Winston Churchill Middle School (40) 2nd Hopkins Junior High School(105) Mira Loma High School (57) 4th Palo Alto High School (99)
2015 Winston Churchill Middle School (69) 3rd Kennedy Middle School (103) Mira Loma High School (50) 2nd Palo Alto High School (87)
2016 Winston Churchill Middle School (91) 2nd Kennedy Middle School (106) Mira Loma High School (54) 1st Palo Alto High School (81)
2017 Winston Churchill Middle School (47) 2nd Kennedy Middle School (79) Mira Loma High School (60) 5th Mountain View High School (123)
2018 Kennedy Middle School (62) 4th Miller Middle School (87) Mira Loma High School (81) 7th Mountain View High School (122)
2019 Kennedy Middle School (71) 1st Winston Churchill Middle School (90) Mira Loma High School (97) 15th Mountain View High School (108)
2020 Cancelled due to the 2019-20 Coronavirus outbreak

(*) Old scoring system was used (highest score wins)

NOTE: 2012 C division only had 21 official events due to event/supervisor issues.


BEARSO's Exciting And Revamped Science Olympiad (BEARSO)Invitational2020-10-10B/CMini SO
Yosemite InvitationalInvitational2020-12-19 - 2020-12-20CMini SO
Mira Loma InvitationalInvitational2021-01-09CMini SO
Aggie InvitationalInvitational2021-01-16CMini SO
Kennedy InvitationalInvitational2021-02-13BMini SO
Golden Gate InvitationalInvitational2021-02-13CMini SO

Invitational Competitions

Division B

Winston Churchill Invitational - Winston Churchill Middle School
Mountain House Invitational - Wicklund Elementary School
Mira Loma Invitational (B and C) - Mira Loma High School
Nordic Invitational - Irvington High School

Division C

Mira Loma Invitational (B and C) - Mira Loma High School
Golden Gate Invitational - University of California-Berkeley/Stanford University
San Joaquin Invitational - Tracy High School
Aggie Invitational - University of California-Davis

Regional Competitions

Bay Area Regional
Fresno Regional
Sacramento Regional
San Joaquin Regional
Santa Clara Regional
Stanislaus County Regional
Tulare Regional

State Competition

California State University, Stanislaus - April 18, 2020

State Competition Results

Division B
Division C


Division B

Ahwahnee Middle School
Albany Middle School
Alta Sierra Intermediate School
Andrew Carnegie Middle School
Art Freiler School
Baird Middle School
BASIS Independent Silicon Valley
Bay Area Technological School
Blaker-Kinser Junior High School
Challenger School Ardenwood
Challenger School Berryessa
Clark Intermediate School
Computech Middle School
Creekside Middle School
Cupertino Middle School
Daniel Savage Middle School
Divisadero Middle School
Eagle Peak Middle School
El Monte Middle School
Elizabeth Ustach Middle School
Elkhorn Middle School
Granite Ridge Intermediate School
Green Acres Middle School
Hart-Ransom Academic Charter School
Harvest Park Middle School
Hickman Charter Middle School
Hopkins Junior High School
Joaquin Miller Middle School
John Barrett Middle School
John Gomes Elementary School
Jordan Middle School
Kastner Intermediate School
Kennedy Middle School
Los Tules Middle School
Mission Valley Elementary School
Navelencia Middle School
Our Lady of Fatima School
Paramount Bard Academy
Pleasanton Middle School
Quail Lake Charter School
R.J. Fisher Middle School
Reyburn Intermediate School
Riverbank Language Academy
Rolling Hills Middle School
Saint Aloysius School
Saint Helens Middle School
Saint Rose - Thomas McCarthy School
Saint Stanislaus Middle School
Sierra Middle School
Somerset Middle School
Sullivan Middle School
Sutter Middle School
Tenaya Middle School
Thomas Russell Middle School
Thornton Junior High School
University Preperatory Academy
Valley Oak Middle School
Washington Academic Middle School (WAMS)
Wicklund Elementary School
Williams Middle School
Wilson Middle School
Winston Churchill Middle School

Division C

Albany High School
Amador Valley High School
American High School
Bella Vista High School
Big Valley Christian High School
Buchanan High School
Castro Valley High School
Central Catholic High School
Central High School East
Central Valley High School
Ceres High School
Christian Brothers High School
Clovis East High School
Clovis High School
Clovis North High School
Clovis West High School
College Preparatory Academy
Connecting Waters Charter School
Cordova High School
Cosumnes Oaks High School
De La Salle High School
Del Campo High School
Del Mar High School
Denair High School
Dougherty Valley High School
Downey High School
Edison High School
El Camino High School
Encina Preperatory High School
Exeter Union High School
Farmersville High School
Florin High School
Folsom High School
Foothill High School
Fowler High School
Franklin High School (Sacramento)
Franklin High School (San Joaquin)
Fremont Christian School
Fremont High School
Golden West High School
Granite Bay High School
Henry Gunn High School
Homestead High School
Irvington High School
James C. Enochs High School
James Logan High School
Jesuit High School
Laguna Creek High School
Leigh High School
Leroy Greene Academy
Lodi High School
Los Altos High School
Los Gatos High School
Lynbrook High School
McLane High School
Mendota High School
Mesa Verde High School
Milpitas High School
Miramonte High School
Mira Loma High School
Mission San Jose High School
Modesto Christian High School
Modesto High School
Monta Vista High School
Mount Whitney High School
Mountain View High School
Notre Dame High School
Oakdale High School
Oak Ridge High School
Palo Alto High School
Piedmont Hills High School
Pioneer High School
Pleasant Grove High School
Redwood High School
Rio Americano High School
River Valley High School
Rocklin High School
Roosevelt High School
Sacramento Waldorf High School
Saint Francis High School
Saint Teresa High School
Saratoga High School
Sheldon High School
Silver Creek High School
Stevenson High School
Sunnyside High School
Ukiah High School
University Preparatory Academy
Tokay High School
Tracy High School
Tulare Union High School
Tulare Western High School
Turlock High School
University High School
University Preparatory Academy
Vista del Lago High School
West High School
Whitmore Charter High School
Whitney High School

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