California Trail Middle School

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California Trail Middle School At a Glance
Member of SO since Beyond Living Memory
Best finish, regionals 1st, 2017 (Most recent time)
Best finish, state 1st, 2017 (Most recent time)
Best finish, nationals 28th, 2010

California Trail Junior High School is an overall great school. California Trail is the Division B champion of the state of Kansas. They have achieved ten 1st's and three 2nd places in state. So far, their highest Nationals score is 28th, but they are still looking forward to an even better 2017 year!

Additional info: School colors are black and gold, School mascot is the bulldog. CT is in the Olathe School District, and like other Olathe schools they just changed grade ranges as of the 2010- 2011 school year: from 7th-9th grade to 6th-8th grade. As such they no longer utilize the 5 9th grade slots allotted to them. Eddie is dead.

Scioly members who attend/attended this school:


Kappa 323598

Results History

Unless otherwise noted, each of the state placements are overall.

Year States Nationals
1999 3rd1 -
2000 -
2001 3rd -
2002 3rd1 -
2003 5th -
2004 1st 39th
2005 2nd 30th
2006 1st 38th
2007 1st 32nd
2008 1st 34th
2009 1st 38th
2010 1st 28th
2011 1st 37th
2012 2nd -
2013 2nd -
2014 3rd -
2015 2nd -
2016 1st 31st
2017 1st 34th

1:This placement was in the large school division

National Medals: 2004- 2nd: Write It/Do It, 2006- 1st: Balloon Race, 2007- 2nd: Food Science, 2008- 4th: Oceanography, 2010- 6th: Junkyard Challenge,