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*Event pages that need a lot of work:
*Event pages that need a lot of work:
**[[Herpetology/Identification List]]
**[[Materials Science/Polymers]]
**[[Materials Science/Polymers]]
**[[Mission Possible C/2018 Tasks]]
**[[Mission Possible C/2018 Tasks]]

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This category represents the wiki pages and jobs that require the most immediate attention. If you are looking to make contributions to the wiki, this category can supply where assistance is most urgently needed.

Maintenance Statistics
Stubs Incomplete Pages Outdated Pages Dead Ends Orphaned Pages Cleanup
-1 50 3 0 0 -1

Simple Jobs

  • Find and lengthen stubs or other short articles
  • Add information needed by incomplete pages, especially pages listed below as needed for the current season.
  • Add new or expand existing trial event pages, and expand the list of trial events
  • Create a team page for your school or add information if it already has one (see Old TOTW questions for ideas)
  • Find external links that just have a URL and format them to have a description of the linked website. Also indicate if any external links are broken.

Advanced Jobs


If you believe a page is included on here that has already been fixed and no longer needs substantial work, please contact an administrator. They may be contacted most easily through private message on the forums or on IRC chat.