Cedar Springs Homeschool

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Cedar Springs Homeschool
Member of SO since 2005
Results History
Best regional 1st, 2013 (B)

1st, 2013-2014 (C)

Best state 1st, 2012, 2015 (B)

3rd, 2015 (C)

Best nationals 21st, 2012 (B)

Cedar Springs Homeschool is an organization with both a Division C team and a Division B team. The Division B Cedar Springs Homeschool team qualified for the 2012 National competition at the Tennessee 2012 state competition.

Name History

The name comes from the church where the homeschool group is based, Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church.

National Medals

Results History

Year Division B Division C
Regional State Nationals Regional State Nationals
2012 2nd 1st 21st
2013 1st 2nd - 1st
2014 2nd 2nd - 1st 6th -
2015 1st 44th 1st 3rd -
2016 2nd 3rd - 1st 3rd -