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General Information
Total teams 112
Division B Champion Preston Middle School
Division C Champion Poudre High School
State Tournament Location Colorado School of Mines, Golden


Colorado is a fairly big state for SO. Trial events are nonexistent here, though regionals and the state competition do all 23 events and they follow the rules fairly well.

Past State Champions

In B a school does very well for years but then a new school comes and takes 1st. In C it started off with Ft. Collins but then Poudre got 1st and kept it that way for years.

Year Division B Champion B Champ Nats Place Division B Runner-up B Runner-up Nats Place Division C Champion C Champ Nats Place Division C Runner-up C Runner-up Nats Place
1985 Sabin Junior High School 16th N/A N/A N/A
1986 Evergreen Junior High School 7th N/A Air Academy High School 14th N/A
1987 Overland High School 27th N/A
1989 Air Academy High School 19th Overland High School 39th
1990 Overland High School 15th Air Academy High School 41st
1991 Fort Collins High School 28th N/A
1992 George Washington High School 16th N/A
1993 Green Mountain High School 16th N/A
1994 Green Mountain High School 15th N/A
1995 Fort Collins High School 17th N/A
1996 Fort Collins High School 19th N/A
1997 Dunstan Middle School 26th N/A Fort Collins High School 3rd N/A
1998 N/A Fort Collins High School 2nd N/A
1999 Dunstan Middle School 28th N/A Fort Collins High School 20th N/A
2000 Dunstan Middle School 15th N/A Poudre High School 17th N/A
2001 Dunstan Middle School 27th Goddard Middle School 30th Fort Collins High School 28th N/A
2002 Dunstan Middle School 26th Preston Middle School 29th Poudre High School 5th Fort Collins High School 25th
2003 Dunstan Middle School 40th N/A Poudre High School 6th N/A
2004 Goddard Middle School 31st Blevins Junior High School 43rd Poudre High School 7th Fort Collins High School N/A
2005 Goddard Middle School 24th Blevins Junior High School 43rd Poudre High School 12th Fort Collins High School N/A
2006 Eagleview Middle School 44th Blevins Junior High School N/A Poudre High School 12th Fort Collins High School N/A
2007 Blevins Junior High School 54th Platte River Academy 55th Poudre High School 9th Cheyenne Mountain High School 31st
2008 Blevins Junior High School 38th The Connect Charter School 50th Poudre High School 4th Cheyenne Mountain High School N/A
2009 Blevins Junior High School 31st Lesher Middle School N/A Poudre High School 12th Cheyenne Mountain High School N/A
2010 Preston Middle School 36th The Connect Charter School 44th Poudre High School 12th Cheyenne Mountain High School N/A
2011 Preston Middle School 29th Homeschool Science Colorado N/A Cheyenne Mountain High School 27th Poudre High School N/A
2012 Preston Middle School 33rd Homeschool Science Colorado N/A Poudre High School 18th Homeschool Science Colorado N/A
2013 Preston Middle School Homeschool Science Colorado Poudre High School Homeschool Science Colorado N/A



Cheyenne Mountain High School: February 5, 2011


Northern Regional: March 5, 2011 at Preston Middle School in Fort Collins
Southern Regional: March 5, 2011 at University of Colorado-Colorado Springs


2011 Date and Location: April 16, 2011 at Colorado School of Mines in Golden


Division B

Northern Regional

Angevine Middle School
Bear Creek School
Blevins Middle School
Cedar Creek Middle School
Cedaredge Middle School
Estes Park Middle School
Faith Christian Academy Middle School
Garden School
Horizon Middle School
Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School
Lesher IB World Middle School
Liberty Common School
Lincoln Junior High School
Preston Middle School
Steamboat Springs Middle School

Southern Regional

Broadmoor Elementary School
Carson Middle School
Centauri Middle School
Cheyenne Mountain Elementary School
Cheyenne Mountain Junior High School
Connect Charter School
Discovery Camyon Campus
Eagleview Middle School
Elizabeth Middle School
Fremont Homeschool Science
Gunnison Middle School
Harry L. McGinnis Middle School
Homeschool Science Colorado
Jenkins Middle School
Lake County Intermediate School
North Star Academy
Ortega Middle School
Platte River Academy
Pleasant View Middle School
Rocky Heights Middle School
Sabin Middle School
Skyview Middle School
Timberview Middle School
West Middle School
Woodland Park Middle School

Division C

Northern Regional

Adams City High School
Bennett High School
Cherry Creek High School
Clear Creek High School
Faith Christian Academy High School
Fort Collins High School
Fossil Ridge High School
Garden School
Golden High School
Green Mountain High School
Lakewood High School
Peak to Peak Charter School
Poudre High School
Rock Canyon High School
Rocky Mountain High School
Steamboat Springs High School

Southern Regional

Air Academy High School
Alamosa High School
Buena Vista High School
Centauri High School
Centennial High School
Cheyenne Mountain High School
Coronado High School
Discovery Canyon Campus
Doherty High School
Gunnison High School
Homeschool Science Colorado
Lewis-Palmer High School
Mesa Ridge High School
Ouray High School
Palmer High School
Palmer Ridge High School
Pine Creek High School
Rampart High School
Rifle High School
Sand Creek High School
Swink Senior High School
Widefield High School
Woodland Park High School

Info for events

State Specific Infomation

Science Word/Picture This- the words are almost always easy one so speed is the key in these events
Crime Busters- well run but ALWAYS bring droppers with you; they don't have any even though it says so in the rules
Experimental Design- very open ended; nothing really specific when it comes to the experiment
Write It Do It- no Legos or any other building kits here; styrofoam and pipe cleaners are favorites
Rocks and Minerals/Fossils- many stations; identification is heavily tested
Food Science- always two or more labs at regionals; states is always a written test
Technology events- relatively easy compared to other states, but make sure you're in the first tier; almost half of all devices entered are not in the first tier