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Located in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, the EGRHS Science Olympiad Team is a developing team that was founded in 2013 by Doctor Elizabeth Neubig, a former parent.

The team qualified for the state tournament for the first time in 2019. Through some reorganization and changes to the program, the team performed very well among the top teams in Michigan at the invitationals attended in 2020. Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the team did not get to compete at the 2020 regionals and states tournament. Nevertheless, the team is ready for 2021 as they work towards the goal of making nationals one day.

Results History

Year Portage Allendale Regionals State
2019 NA NA 9th (235) 35th (746)
2020 7th (280) 5th (180) CANCELLED1 CANCELLED1
1: Cancelled due to Covid-19 virus precautions

Event Placements

2020 Event Placements
Event Portage(33) Allendale(25)
Anatomy and Physiology 20th 20th
Astronomy 4th 5th
Boomilever 1st 1st
Chemistry Lab 31th 15th
Circuit Lab 15th 7th
Codebusters 1th 3rd
Designer Genes 15th 9rd
Detector Building 34th 10th
Disease Detectives 10th 5th
Dynamic Planet 14th 8th
Experimental Design 25th 8th
Forensics 23rd 19th
Fossils 7th 5th
Geologic Mapping 2nd 4th
Gravity Vehicle 7th 5th
Machines 6th 10th
Ornithology 4th 5th
Ping Pong Parachute 9th 6th
Protein Modeling 24th 11th
Sounds of Music 6th 14th
Water Quality 5th 7th
Wright Stuff 4th 1st
Write It Do It 13th 2nd
Overall 7th 5th
2019 Event Placements
Event Regionals States
Anatomy and Physiology 16th 48th
Astronomy 8th 48th
Boomilever 20nd 21th
Chemistry Lab 16th 50th
Circuit Lab 6th 39th
Codebusters 13th 44th
Designer Genes 5th 3rd
Disease Detectives 11th 33th
Dynamic Planet 7th 19th
Experimental Design 8th 47th
Fermi Questions 6th 4th
Forensics 7th 26th
Fossils 9th 30rd
Geologic Mapping 4th 7th
Herpetology 16th 50th
Mission Possible 12th 40th
Mousetrap Vehicle 10th 20th
Protein Modeling 17th 47rd
Sounds of Music 13th 36th
Thermodynamics 4th 36th
Water Quality 3th 36th
Wright Stuff 12th 12th
Write It Do It 12th 50th
Overall 9th 35th