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Eastview is part of the Lake Conference in Minnesota.

The school has three teams so that everyone that wants to participate is able to. Eastview frequently makes it to the Minnesota State tournament, but have yet to go to nationals.

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Results since 2002-2003
Year Place at Regionals Place at States Place at Nationals
2006 N/A 7th N/A
2007 2nd 7th N/A
2008 N/A 6th N/A
2009 1st 1st ?

The Early Years

The first several years of the team's existence, the team was not as competitive as they are at the present time. They were only serious about a few of the events. It was thought of more as a casual club than a true team. The results were not applicable.

The Later Years

In the mid 2000s, Eastview began to compete with the top teams under a steady coach. Eastview still has 3 teams so that the less competitive students are able to compete.


New leaders emerged on this team and Eastview started to become known as a team that specializes in the building units. The builders led the team at the State competition with Gold Medals in Scrambler and Wright Stuff.


Led by the builders as well as some smart testers, Eastview placed in the top ten at the State competition.


The seniors that started the Eastview building team finished off their final year with a 6th place rank at the State competition. The highest Eastview has ever placed at the State Competition. Builders led the way with Gold Medals in Wright Stuff and Electric Vehicle, Silver in Robot Rambler, and Bronze in Boomilever.


The Eastview team, having graduated the class known as "the builders" needed a new group to lead the team. Joining together under the same name as the previous group (The Builders), They try to keep the name (and team) going. Finishing Regionals in 1st place, so far they have been successful.



At the 2009 Regional competition Eastview received 1st place and medaled in all but 2 events. The new builders were successful with Gold Medals in Elevated Bridge and Trajectory and It's About Time, and Bronze Medals in Electric Vehicle.

At the State Competition Eastview scored a 99 with 22 events and 32 teams. They beat second place by 46 points and it was the largest margin difference in Minnesota Science Olympiad history. Augusta or Bust(a).