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NOTE: This event has different parameters from Wright Stuff.

Electric Wright Stuff

Type Engineering
Category Build
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Latest Appearance 2017
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Electric Wright Stuff is a Division C trial event at the 2017 National Tournament. It involves an airplane that must fly using a motor powered by a capacitor. In general, the capacitor provides the energy to help the airplane fly toward the ceiling of the room it is in, and then the plane uses its height to stay aloft for as long as possible.

This event was also a Division B trial event at the 2011 National Tournament under the name Wright Stuff Capacitor.

What do you need for Electric Wright Stuff?

For E-Wright Stuff(Electric Wright Stuff) you need to understand the principals of aerodynamics. If you have done Wright Stuff or Elastic Launched Glider as a previous event you should have a good idea where to start. If you are new to this event then you should learn how airplanes work. It really helps.

Priciples of Aerodynamics

How an Airplane Works

As you can see by the image depicted on the right planes work due to four core concepts. They are Thrust, Lift, Weight, and Drag.

External Links

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