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:[[Berkeley Prep High School]]
:[[Berkeley Prep High School]]
:[[Bishop McLaughlin High School]]
:[[Bishop McLaughlin High School]]
:[[Cardinal Gibbons High School]]
:[[Clearwater Central Catholic High School]]
:[[Clearwater Central Catholic High School]]
:[[Colonial High School]]
:[[Colonial High School]]

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General Information
Member of SO since
Total teams 99
Division B Champion Gulf Breeze Middle School
Division C Champion Gulf Breeze High School
State Tournament Location University of Central Florida


Florida is an official chapter of Science Olympiad.

Past State Champions

This is a record of the past state champions and runners up, and their respective places at the national competition, if applicable. Scores at the state competition may be shown in parentheses.

Year Division B Champion B Champ Nats Place Division B Runner-up B Runner-up Nats Place Division C Champion C Champ Nats Place Division C Runner-up C Runner-up Nats Place
1999 Gulf Breeze 42nd N/A Cocoa Beach 47th Gulf Breeze N/A
2000 Gulf Breeze 39th McNair Magnet N/A Gulf Breeze 53rd Pine Crest N/A
2001 Gulf Breeze 31st Out-of-Door Academy N/A Gulf Breeze 34th Lake Brantley N/A
2002 Gulf Breeze 29th West Shore N/A Berkeley Prep 48th Gulf Breeze N/A
2003 Gulf Breeze 34th Gulf Breeze N/A Gulf Breeze 31st Berkeley Prep N/A
2004 Gulf Breeze 34th Gulf Breeze N/A Gulf Breeze 29th Olympia N/A
2005 Gulf Breeze 29th Gulf Breeze N/A Gulf Breeze 39th Pine Crest N/A
2006 Gulf Breeze 17th Blessed Sacrament N/A Gulf Breeze 47th Pine Crest N/A
2007 Gulf Breeze 27th Gulf Breeze N/A Gulf Breeze 40th Pine Crest N/A
2008 Gulf Breeze 23rd PATS Center N/A Gulf Breeze 45th Pine Crest N/A
2009 Gulf Breeze (139) 34th Windy Ridge (161) 41st Gulf Breeze (150) 37th West Boca Raton (196) N/A
2010 Archimedean Middle Conservatory 43rd Windy Ridge 54th Gulf Breeze 46th Boca Raton Community High School 51st



Regional Competitions

Division B

Central Regional- 2009, 1st place was Windy Ridge.
Western Regional- 2009, 1st place was McLane.
Wekiva Regional- 2009, 1st Place was Windy Ridge.
FAU Regional- 2009, 1st place was Archimedian.

Division C

Central Regional- 2009, 1st place was Ocoee.
Western Regional- 2009, 1st place was Clearwater Central Catholic.
Wekiva Regional- 2009, 1st place was Ocoee.
FAU Regional- 2009, 1st place was Dunbar.

State Competition

2009 location: University of Central Florida - February 28.


Division B

Andrew Jackson Middle School
Arbor Ridge Middle School
Archimedian Middle School
Ben Hill Middle School
Berkeley Prep Middle School
Bartels Middle School
Benjamin Middle School
Blessed Sacrament Middle School
Bridgewater Middle School
Buchanan Middle School
Burns Middle School
Campbell Middle School
Carver Middle School
Cavalry Christian Academy Middle School
Chain of Lakes Middle School
Corner Lake Middle School
Denn John Middle School
Edgewood Middle School
Florida Virtual Middle School
Freedom Middle School
Heritage Middle School
Horizon Middle School
Howard Middle School
Kissimmee Middle School
Lakeview Middle School
Lawton Chiles Middle School
Legacy Middle School
Liberty Middle School
Maddison Middle School
McLane Middle School
Memorial Middle School
Narcoossee Middle School
Ocoee Middle School
Orlando Science Middle School
Out-of-Door Academy Middle School
PATS Center Middle School
River Springs Middle School
Sacred Heart Middle School
South Creek Middle School
St. Mary Magdalen Middle School
Stewart Middle School
Stone Middle School
Stonewall Jackson Middle School
The Villages Charter Middle School
Union Park Middle School
West Shore Middle School
Windy Ridge Middle School
Westridge Middle School
Young Middle Magnet Middle School

Division C

Berkeley Prep High School
Bishop McLaughlin High School
Cardinal Gibbons High School
Clearwater Central Catholic High School
Colonial High School
Cypress Creek High School
Dr. Phillips High School
Dunbar High School
Edgewood High School
Evans High School
Florida Virtual High School
Lake Brantley High School
Lemon Bay High School
Lyman High School
Mainland High School
Middleton High School
Oak Ridge High School
Ocoee High School
Olympia High School
Pinecrest High School
University High School
Wekiva High School
West Shore High School
Winter Springs High School